Tuesday, April 24, 2012


 Making a mess has never been hard for me.
I seem to come by it naturally.
I love to get my hands dirty, I have a high threshold for mess in my surroundings, and the messier my art is, the more I like it.
What doesn't come so easily is being part of a group.
I never participate in the "classroom" when I take on-line classes.
I prefer to work on my own and keep it to myself.
But when Lisa Wright started a free book group based on this book, I had to join. 
How could I resist?

And instead of just adding my posts to the occasional Mr. Linky, I went and joined the Facebook group and have pushed myself to contribute.
(eek!  social interaction!)

The book is fun.  Lots of prompts and challenges to make a mess right inside the book.
Here's a few things I've done:

Drew something  with watercolor crayons and left the book out in the rain
 It didn't smear enough for my liking, so when it was still wet I scraped inktense blocks over the page and then smooshed the book shut:

I also spilled coffee in my book and turned it into doodles:
Wrote with my toes:
 Did some paint smooshing and then ripped out one of the pages and used it to scrub the sink:
 And then I drizzled glazing medium all over the wet page, and scraped some chalk pastels onto it and topped it off with a healthy dose of glitter.  I'll stick it back in the book when it's finally dry.
 and since I was on a roll, I poured mod podge all over some scrap paper and dumped my pencil sharpener onto it.  I'll be adding something else to this for sure.

Some of the self-professed perfectionists in the group are freaking out over these exercises and are pushing themselves waaaay out of their comfort zones.
Not me.

 I'm challenging myself with social interaction instead.
and I admit, the facebook group is reeaallly fun.
Since the object of the book is not to make art, there's none of that "my stuff isn't good enough" feeling.  There's also none of that "my stuff looks like everyone else's stuff, which looks exactly like the teacher's stuff" syndrome.  Everyone's mess is messy.  Everyone's mess is different. Everyone's having fun.

So now that I'm forcing myself out of my reclusive shell, I'm going to strongly suggest (ok, beg) you come keep me company.

You can find more about the book group here:


  1. i to dont usually participate in the online stuff when I am taking a class, but make a mess, for sure is really out of my comfort zone, I will watch and admire your mess from afar

  2. I bought a couple of her books, including one each for my daughters, but I have WAY too much on my very very little plate right now to do this, but it sounds delicious. I'm afraid I'm more of the mess out of my comfort zone, but I'm also part of the group out of my comfort zone so really blogging is my sneak attack into the whole group thing. I feel like I'm entering it sideways. But the part I adore is seeing how bold some people are and you clearly have the mess part going on. My head gets all jammed up with "how will I close the book" (a totally irrelevant question) and I think that's what appeals to me about her books and approach which is it really forces me to face in a different direction which is what I want and

  3. I felt pushed beyond belief with Keri's Wreck this journal. That is the book that first started me creating again, and I have fond memories. This book is on my to-buy list and you have just moved it further to the top. But I need to go finish that Wreck this Journal first. I still have a few pages waiting.

  4. Well that just looks like fun. I like mess. Dirt on pants, paint on floor, whatever. I am not neat when I'm creating, and creating alongside my kids encourages experimentation on the paper, too.

    Facebook, though, I don't do. I miss out on all those groups but I just can't stand Facebook.

  5. Nice Mess! I strive to make mess...but it's still difficult. I must keep trying. Wow, I like the watercolor crayon and out in the rain idea. Very daring. If it ever rains again in Texas I must be ready!

  6. These messes you've created are wonderful! I joined Lisa's book group...just received my book yesterday. I can tell it will be hard for me to let myself be messy!

    BTW, I noticed you commented on the Inspiration Avenue Postcard Swap post saying you wanted to participate. But we did not receive an email with your snail mail info. If you've changed your mind, just disregard, but I didn't want to leave you out if you want to play! The email address is in the post!

    Have a great evening!

  7. I'm pretty good at messes, too...but yours look like more fun than the kind I usually do!

    I'm terrible about participating in group discussions.

  8. Looks like you're having a blast! I can handle a mess if I clean up afterward, and especially if I had a dedicated book I think. I too struggle with the social part of online classes. I took a Misty Mawn class in January, and forced myself to sign up on Facebook so I could join the group, and was glad that I did.

  9. Love the mess (qand fun!) you are having! You've done lots of pages!

  10. Making messes is just pure happiness! I am like you, I don't usually do the classroom part of it. I always tell myself this time I am going to interact but I really rarely do. Kudos to you for challenging yourself!

  11. Marvelous messes, love the pencil shavings. Can see you smiling doing it all.xox

  12. How ironic; I'd just seen Lisa's stuff and also saw messes over at Tracey Fletcher King, so ordered the book. It just arrived and I plan to mess it up this weekend! Can messes be creative? Yours are.

  13. Okay, come ON!!
    This is wacky good stuff! I love the effects you've gotten. I spilled coffee on our sofa this morning and washed it off right away. I should have slapped my journal down onto it! WHAT a loser!! And pencil shavings? I'm going to shellac some of those down this weekend! And the dog better not get in the way again. (she always licks the glitter off too soon)

    I'm not a facebook girl, and I deeply apologize for not zipping by the group, but I do admire your branching out. I get too overwhelmed with much social media and must pace myself.

    I figured this was about me. right?

  14. and THANK YOU for not having comment moderation on your blog. I'm so sick of typing codes I could SCREAM!!

  15. You still seem to have some of the prettier messes of the group... I am with you on the social side of classes and am taking one at the moment on line and feel like I am skulking down the back of the classroom trying to not get noticed cause I haven't done my homework.... but the group for this is fun and I am enjoying the interaction... certainly like having you be part of it...xx

  16. aaaaarrrgg what the heck ;) love your coffee spills!