Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a few things

I'm getting tired of seeing that collage-tramp from my last post.
So here are a few other things.

A postcard for a swap-bot group.
Theme - ephemera collage.
I went with vintage paper only and glued it to the cover of an old reader's digest condensed book and mailed it naked.

 This next one was supposed to be for a "scary" postcard swap.
After I finished it I realized it was hosted by the "Cut and Paste" group and was supposed to be largely collage, rather than largely painted.
So this will go to someone else.

This is the creepy collaged version I ended up mailing.

An incredible amount of beautiful stuff has been arriving as part of the "Mail Me Some Art" swaps.  I'm posting daily.  Go check it out.


  1. LOVE that first collage on the old book cover. I like the painty scary postcard but since I'm not into too much creepy stuff the last one isn't one of my favorites...but I'm sure someone will like it best of all. Thankfully we all like different things.

  2. Scary collage is so fun, painted version too! xox

  3. Fabulous pieces. Love the images and textures. You're one busy lady! xx

  4. Well well, the last two frighten me! But I'm easily scared.
    The vintage card is fabulous. You never cease to amaze me.

  5. I could never get tired of your collage-tramp ;D

    LOVE the vintage collage on the book cover, perfect for the theme. Lucky recipient. Cool 'scary' postcards too, they remind me of an old Hitchcock film. Great image of the screaming man.


  6. Love all of these! Glad you found some art-time!

  7. Your "collage-tramp" was pretty funny, Karen! I really love your first collage...definitely my style!

  8. Mandy Fariello aka FarStarrOctober 25, 2012 at 2:03 PM

    Lucky lucky me!!! Thank yous o much for the amazing collage on book!

  9. Totally fun cards - I've been away from swap bot for a while - just not enough hours in the day to keep up with the folks I already owe cards to! How do you do it woman?!

  10. I haven't read all of this, but I have to point out to you that mailing things naked could get you arrested. I'm just going by hearsay, as I probably have never tried to mail things naked.

    On to the rest of the post.

  11. I love these scary postcards. If only I were ambitious enough to have sent stuff out. I'm telling you, for someone who thinks Halloween is the best time of the year, I'm an awful poop right now.

    yay for me!!!!

  12. I love your last one there. Parabolic Muse beat me to the punch. I was going to ask you what the Postal workers thought of you mailing things while nekid ;)