Sunday, October 7, 2012

New swaps at Mail Me Some Art

Here is the list of swaps that I'm currently hosting on my other blog,

Join one, join them all!
Click on each link for more details.

If you've never participated in a MMSA swap before, here's how they work:
You make something beautiful.  You send it to me.  I post pictures of it on the MMSA blog (with a link back to you).  I mail you something beautiful that someone else made in return.
By mailing everything to me, you are guaranteed to receive something.
(I've been in swaps where I get my partner's address via email.  I send off my lovingly created work of art and never get anything back.  bummer!  This never happens with MMSA.  If you mail something, you get something.)

I will most likely take a swap hiatus after these are finished and resume in January 2013.
because of "The Holidays" and all, dontcha know.
Hope to see you in the mail!


  1. You've got some fun ideas here and looks like there's something for everyone - now it's figuring out how much time I have to participate! I'll be gettin' busy this weekend! :)

  2. Well this just kind of fills up the rest of the year along with the card deck....I found some other ladies interested in a play day so if you think any of those dates work, give me a shout! Back from art is you - overwhelmed but blissful. xox

  3. Hi Karen!
    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I got your beautiful postcard on Tuesday!!! Thank you so very, very much! It's lovely!!!
    Have a wonderful Day!
    Hugs, Karenann

  4. OMG!! I'm so late with emails and with reading blogs and now I see that my backgrounds are due tomorrow!! AUGH!
    It's very exciting, though.
    Sorry I haven't replied to things. I am not so much a busy girl as I am a disorganized girl. You are a fabulous girl!

  5. Hi Karen,
    I was just reading the past few posts. I love the one with you and your blog friend Mandy. I've always wanted to meet some of the blog friends I have but they're all over the world. So great that you have some in Massachusetts. The plastic bag quilt was awesome. I've ironed down plastic bags before but never really did much with them. You've got me thinking now. I also love those stamps you made- another great idea using the angels from the head stones.

    New inspiration for me thanks!