Monday, October 15, 2012


Did anyone else grow up saying this?

What's your name?
Where do you live?
Down the drain.

and finally:

Even though I'm almost 45 years old, if you ask me a question about a number I will always answer "cucumber".  Some habits are hard to break.

These are pages from a round robin journal - the theme (as you might have guessed) was numbers.


  1. I remember Puddentain but we said "ask me again and I'll tell you the same" instead of "where do you live...down the drain"

  2. You are a riot! I do not know those rhymes but I LOVE the telephone card -- and the cucumbers aren't bad either.

  3. yes i grew up saying that and I am older than you

  4. I had never in my life heard this, but now guess what is stuck in my head? I'm going to try it on my kids tomorrow. LOVE the cards. Did you copy the cukes? And then stamp with them? So wonderful!

  5. Yea im 33 and we used to say that at school but the name was always Sarah Jane. And I still think about the rhyme sometimes too! I love the telephone - awesome!

  6. Just found your blog by following Tina W's link to a flickr site with the inspiration cards and then following a link from there.

    I love what you do and you are definitely a hoot! I am your newest subscriber and can't wait for more.


  7. Both of your comebacks are new to me. The famous what's your number or most famous phone number that comes to my mind is
    867-5309, Jenny, Jenny, your the girl for me...I got your number on the wall...
    very cool art by the way.

  8. Both phrases are familiar and the art is even better. xox

  9. Hey there! Yes, we are settled in to our house and I have been getting some lovely mail. Also, I hadn't heard your rhymes, but my ex-boyfriend taught me : "Que te pasa, calabaza? Nada, nada, limonada" --- translates to : What's happenin' pumpkin? Nothing, nothing lemonade.

  10. Long ago and across the Atlantic we had the saying as children, but it went:
    What's your name - Aliconcaine
    Where do you live - In a sieve
    What's your number - cucumber
    Children's rhymes, with regional variations, seem to be the same everywhere.
    For some reason your rhyme made brought to mind straight away one of our other sayings, as under 10 year-olds. Our two 'gangs' would shout across the road to each other. They would say - What you staring at Maid, you'll see some more tomorrow, and we would answer 'I'm not a maid, I don't clean doorsteps. (I should say that in Devon where I spent early childhood a girls was and probably still is referred to as a Maid). So when we moved up to the north of England a couple of years later I was stunned to see that the housewives of those days cleaned and donkey-stoned their doorsteps every day! Donkey stone was a block of some white stuff to make the doorsteps a sparkling white. Heaven knows why when all the smoke and grime from the factory chimneys spouted soot and dirt all over them.
    Why have I bored you with all that? Sorry.
    The pages are great, love the phone and the cucumber - after photographing it and printing it, did it make a tasty cucumber sandwich?

  11. I love this stamp !and your blog ! I would like to participate in one of your swaps....kisses from Argentina, Andrea