Tuesday, March 19, 2013

365 Collage Project update

It is the 78th day of 2013 and so far I've made 77 collages.
I'm right on track for making 365 collages in 2013.
I'm feeling rather pleased about the whole thing.

This first batch was created exclusively with the wonderful papers Lorinda sent me as part of our collage fodder exchange.

I tried a monochromatic purple from her papers because I'm part of an upcoming purple swap.
It's my least favorite of the bunch.

I raided my own stash and ended up with this riot of purple instead:

I'm also part of a monochromatic orange swap:

and since I've been really enjoying limiting my resources, I decided to make some postcards using this collage sheet from Lee:
 Lee put the sheet together for a Mail Me Some Art challenge.
The rules are to make postcards using only the images from the sheet.  You can re-size, duplicate or otherwise alter the images and add your favorite art supply, but you can't use any outside pictures.
Here's my take on the challenge:

For this next one, I had greatly enlarged the label for "cape cod cranberries" and didn't know what to do with it.  I thought about cutting up the letters to make new words, and decided I'd get some help form an on-line anagram maker.
Who knew that the letters in "cape cod cranberries" would also spell "creep in, sacred cobra?"

I thought I was done with this challenge and went and had some dinner.
When I came back to the art room there were still quite a few unused bits from all the sheets I'd printed.  Among the bits, lots of letters, and me with the anagram maker at my disposal.
Andrew R. Titus became "Tawdrier Nuts"
 and James L. Titus became "Lustiest Jam"

Can you hear my peals of laughter?
God, I crack myself up.

If you want to have your own fun with Lee's collage sheet, head over to Mail Me Some Art, print the sheet, join the swap and get your postcards in the mail by April 15th.


  1. Here's the thing. Every time you post something with a lot of photos of your work I'm like "okay, that's my favorite" and then I scroll down and I'm like "no that's my favorite". I think my actual favorite today is the street lamp one. You're brilliant.

  2. Fun fun fun. And brilliant!

    Love them all, good luck with keeping up with your 365 challenge.


  3. Every one an absolute gem, so inventive. You are a collage express train ..... Or perhaps you should be recognised as the Collage Queen.
    I love those two men with the pince-nez for eye-heads. Art with a smile to cheer the day.

  4. Gosh you are having fun and I am guessing these are all post card size collages so you can mail those you want to and keep those you want...i am really getting onto a daily creative prsctice and making time and this collage a day will certainly do that, not that you need any that department. xox

  5. What a fab post Karen, a wealth of collagey goodness to savour, thank-you for sharing. I particularly love your take on the MMSA collage sheet challenge, so very inventive and beautifully composed, fantastic to see. Huge congrats on staying on track with your 365 challenge too, have really been enjoying your posts and progress through it all (lol quietly, or not so quietly as the case may be!!).
    HUge hugs x

  6. Wow - what a range of collagey goodness. A little of this a little of that and a lot of smiles. You crack me up too! :)

  7. Too much fun! I think I can hear you laughing all the way out here ...

  8. Love the anagrams & the Eye-Glasses Bros!
    Tawdrier Nuts! Ha!

  9. Love your use of Lee's bits. Am trying some out myself...but don't think they'll be half as amusing.

  10. You SHOULD be pleased with yourself, my gosh. Cracking yourself, and us up, and creating all that wonderful work at the same time. My favorite is the 3rd one down - just love it.

  11. I must say your collages are magic, and I love the ones that you did with my collage sheet, I would never have come up with any of those, you are so talented

  12. All these postcards are cool but I especially like the orange and purple ones. Then you have the ones using Lee's collage creative!! I would never have thought to jumble up the letters like that.

  13. A-mazing!! You are a Collagin' Machine! Oh, wait - I hear a song comin' on (to the tune of Jackson 5 "Dancing Machine"):
    ... Collaging, collaging, collaging
    She's a collaging machine

    Ah babe, move it baby
    Automatic, systematic
    Full of color, self contained
    Tuned and gentle to your vibes

    Captivating, stimulating
    She said you sexy lady
    Filled with space age design

    She's moving, she's grooving
    Collaging until the music stops now, yeah...

    HAHAHAHA - hope you cracked up on this too (thanks for all the laughs with your awesome collages!!)

  14. Shucks, I just finished putting together a Lets stump Karen package. It's pablum compared to this. LOL! Taw drier Nuts is my favorite.

  15. You DO crack me up!
    Do you have links to bigger versions of the collage sheets?

  16. Wow, these are amazing! I love seeing what you created with my papers. So totally different from anything I would have tried--love that! And love your wisecracking at the end there funny lady xx

  17. You amaze me! you're only one collage short?! I'm about 35 collages short!! (But I'm counting the collages I've made for swaps among my collages...

  18. You are the Queen of Collage!
    (I bet you could already guess that I love your naughty word scrambles the best! Hee hee!)


  19. Karen, your purple collage is awesome and I'm so happy that you too are still going strong with this challenge. Isn't it fun to have that goal?! I love it.

    Take care!

  20. Congrats on keeping up with the challenge...that's truly impressive! Great collages.

  21. Wow- you are rollin' this year! those are great!