Thursday, March 7, 2013


I've been involved in some great collaborations lately.
The card below was inspired by the Millennia Mail Art project started by the San Francisco based mail artist Tofu.

My "super mail artists" group decided to do something similar.  There were eight of us in the group and we each started a 6"x8" card, divided it into 8 segments and filled in one part before passing it along to the next person in the group.  The cards went round-robin style around the globe, starting last September, and mine has just come home to me.  I made the small collage in the upper left corner.

A rather spontaneous collaboration came after I sent Carroll this postcard:

She sent it back to me with these fabulous swirls all over it and I absolutely loved the idea of giving my card a second life.

So I sent her a background that looked like this and asked her to do something with it:

Here's what I got back:

I decided to combine the two:  I cut up parts of the swirly collaboration and added them to the blue/green collaboration , and added some paint and bits of napkin on top.  It's on it's way back to Carroll now.

Another amazing round robin project just wrapped up.
The Super Mailartists created a postcard zine.
We folded and stitched 5 pieces of cardstock into a booklet.  We then decorated one side as a postcard, taped the booklet shut and stamped and addressed the other side.

Here's what mine looked like after I got it back - you can see just a peek of the tantalizing pages within:

Here are the details:
This is what I sent to Kerri

Kerri made this page and sent it to Stewart

Stewart made this page and mailed it to Danielle

Danielle made this page and sent it to Jenny

Jenny made this page and sent it to Angie

Angie made this page and sent it to Mandy

Mandy made this page and sent it home to me!

This project was so much fun, a number of us have started another round!
Here's the cover of what I just sent off:

More collaborations are in the works, but I'll save them for another post.


  1. What a fun and great idea! And how exciting to wait for it to return. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  2. A Postcard ZINE???????? How do I get one????
    And Tofu was at our last mail-art meeting and brought all the postcards that had been returned to him (the Millennia Project) -- what a visual feast!

  3. What fun!! I'm just now participating in my first ever round robin art journal. Your postcard zine looks great. It's fun to see how each person has their own style.

  4. Wow - I bet if I go and look up outside right now I'll see a plane with a piece of your art flying through the air to somewhere exotic...

    I KNEW that the upper left piece in the first project was yours, before I read it, you definitely have a distinct style. What fun you're having - I especially love the last one you posted, the new cover you sent off.

  5. great friend swapping. I love to do that with some friends...xox

  6. Tofu is the best mail alias I've ever heard and I love those purple dots AND the swirls.

  7. Wow what beautiful work from you all, thank-you so much for sharing Karen. Lol I'm itching to come play with some of the swaps but need to get a bit more organised (LMAO) first!!
    Huge hugs x

  8. Whenever I visit your blog I always feel a touch of the "WOW, WOWs" coming over me. This is definitely into WOW territory. Love everything done here, and it proves how inspirational you are to people. Including me. XXX

  9. You have a busy life, young lady. What fun and great thoughtful work everyone has done and shared. Ok.. now enough of this snow!!!!!

  10. Ack! I'm bummed I was too overwhelmed to participate in this. Hopefully I'll be caught up for the next wonderful round of SMA stuff!

  11. Such a cool idea. Great art!!! Loved looking at it all, ohs and ahs all around!!

  12. Wow, love that postcard zine. What a treasure!

  13. Ooh lush! I'm working on a couple of collaborations too - they are such exciting things to receive in the mail. Love what you did with the back-and-forth postcard!

  14. How fun! I bet it's so neat to feel the vibe and artistic energy in the completed collaborations of all those who played :)

  15. Your card was amazing! The shared creative energy with collaborations just blows me away.

  16. These are so amazing and artistic...loving them all!!! You give me so many wonderful ideas...thank you~~~


  17. I now have your address in stone (well at least where I can find it now) and I am needing it to become inspired to get down to my studio. Chemo will slow mw down again so I want to work/play while I feel up to it! Thanks

  18. That "creep in, sacred cobra" arrangement is really funny!