Monday, March 18, 2013

Collaborations, part 2

I'm part of another great group, making collaborative postcards inspired by Tofu's Millennia mail art project.

This time, Tammy Garcia (of Daisy Yellow fame) asked some friends to choose a theme and a style and she created a card for each of us, filling in one square per card before passing them to the next person.  The cards have gone from Tammy in Texas to Natasha White (Natasha White Designs) in New Zealand to Hanna (iHanna's blog) in Sweden and to Michelle (Lost Coast Post) in California before landing in my Massachusetts mailbox.  This morning I sent them along to Roben-Marie (Roben-Marie Smith) for their last stop in Florida.

Here's what all the cards look like at this point:

My own card is orange themed and pie shaped  (no surprises there!)
The triangle I added is the center one in the top row.  To make it, I collaged stripes of my hand painted papers.

Roben-Marie's theme is Circles, Dots and Doodles.  My square is the lower left and started with a doodly gelatin print. I then painted it with a layer of stenciled orange and pink dots, and glued some blue paper circles  on top.  An embossed blue swirl finishes it off.

 Michelle's theme is "Wonderland" and I interpreted it rather literally as "Alice".
The background is cut up playing cards and there's a tissue paper print of the cheshire cat with some painted and collaged Alice legs on top.

 Hanna characteristically chose pink as her theme.
My square is the bottom center.
I pasted two different painted papers in the background and cut out the star shape from origami paper.

 Natasha's theme is ocean.
Mine is the bottom strip.
I collaged different pieces of magazine paper that had been distressed with citrasolv.

Tammy's theme is happiness.
Nothing makes me happier than painting paper, so my strip is made from some recently marbled paper.  I was digging through my box of random text and found this bit that says "keep the good, discard the bad" and it seemed the perfect recipe for happiness so I glued it down.

Finally, we are making a card for Tofu with the theme of trees and leaves.
My strip used pine branches as a mask for white spray paint.

This has been a great project - thank you all for your beautiful work!


  1. Wow!! How cool is it to see all the cards coming together like this. So exciting!! I can hardly wait to hold my card in my hand. I love what you have done. Stunning work!! So excited...exclamation mark city! :)

  2. All absolutely fantastic. Great collaborative project. I bet you really enjoyed this. xox

  3. Oh la-la-laaaa, they are almost full - wow! Love that you knew that I would "characteristically chose pink" and the cut out orgami star/flower is soooo pretty! Thank you! All the cards are fab!

  4. They all look so wonderful...little bits of art all in one place! I will keep a watch out for them to arrive! :)

  5. Wow! You found the absolutely most perfect stuff for each individual card! Amazing! These look so good already; I can't wait to see them all complete (and to hold mine in my hot little hand! :)

  6. Beautiful postcards, every one, and each one 'hangs together' perfectly. What a perfect collaboration. The way you have cut the star out of origami paper is amazing, so, erm, so er, well so 'perfect'.

  7. What a fun collaboration! All the cards look really unique and creative. I especially like your pine needles and the spray paint.

  8. Wow...Karen these are all really cool. Love the additions you gave them and the way they all just "sing" together.

  9. really creative and very cool

  10. It has been great to watch these cards develop. Thanks to all of you for sharing.

  11. So sorry I missed this! I may have to start one of my own now! What a great idea.