Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Aqua and Orange

One day a few weeks ago, I got a surprise package from a mail art acquaintance, Sherri Ayers.  Inside was this orange and aqua canvas:

Sherri had started it and couldn't figure out where to go next. 
She sent it to me with the challenge to do something with it.

How could I resist?
My favorite colors spread across canvas with delicious textures - what's not to love?
To start, I took a white sharpie paint pen, wrote loosely over a transparency, and glued a piece of it  down on the canvas (face down so that the writing is reversed).  I used a piece of a rubber rug pad to stamp the pattern in lighter blue:

Next I used a piece of a foam "pool noodle" to stamp the large orange circles.

I rolled a light coat of white paint over the whole painting to mute the colors a little bit:

The white circles on the right were first stamped on tissue paper then cut and glued to the canvas.

The flowers came from a piece of fancy tissue paper that was laying on my desk:

Another transparency was added, this time with black writing:

Finally, I loosely painted a flower on deli paper and cut and pasted it in place:

I don't know how I feel about it.  It's a little cuter than my usual fare, but the composition pleases me.
It sat around for a few days, and then I released it back into the wild.

Big thanks to Sherri for sending me the canvas.  It was a fun challenge.


  1. Well done!! I like your departure into this area. Enjoy the adventure :D

  2. I love it! I am laughing though as I picture you making round shapes with a pool noodle flopping around!

  3. I loved watching this develop through the different stages and love the result. I like your phrase releasing it into the wild.
    I've been looking back at the posts I've missed. Sorry not to comment individually on them but they are all intriguing, interesting, effective, and I have learnt from each of them. I must try my gelli plate, I've only used it twice, so you encourage me to try with your approach. Get in, get on, and get out!

  4. Love the composition! Pool noodle, huh?

  5. What a fun collaboration! I like the end result...I like circles and "weird" writing so this is perfect.

  6. Great fun, love your cuter self. xox

  7. I love it. We did transparencies last week in ExtComp, and I'm really stoked about adding that technique to my arsenal. The card you sent me recently has been very inspiring!

  8. You must've done a Jane Davies workshop! Fabulous.

  9. I still see you lurking in there - the flowers are a departure, but sometimes it's just good to stretch those wings! I REALLY like it and love how each person looking at a canvas/picture/card, etc. find their own way to the end. Fun.