Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Crazy pants

It's 1:30 AM.
I should have been in bed four hours ago, because
I'm supposed to get up and start my day four hours from now.

Instead I'm wide awake and covered in glue.

Early Thursday morning (a mere 30 hours from now) I will be on a runway at Logan Airport, about to take off for San Francisco and the Ex Postal Facto conference.

I am ridiculously excited about this, but as the day looms, I am becoming increasingly crazy.
At first it was just a "I have so much to do before I leave" kind of crazy.  The kind of crazy in which I make endless checklists and hold meetings, and send emails and make spreadsheets.

But then it turned into a "let's invent things to worry about" kind of crazy.
The brand of worry that comes from being an introvert (disguised as an extrovert) faced with 4 days of non-stop social interaction with people I barely know.
(and let my qualify that - anyone I've known for less than 20 years is someone I "barely know")

In spite of the fact that I haven't packed, and haven't done a half-dozen other more critical missions, I decided I could not possibly go to San Francisco until my taxes were done.  So yes, little-miss-crazy-pants did her taxes tonight.
and ate a bunch of dark chocolate while she did it, even though it was already well past her bedtime.
At 10:30, when I was done and buzzing, and compulsively clicking on stupid internet videos and sending ridiculous texts to my west coast friends who were still awake thanks to the time difference, I decided what I needed more than sleep was art.

well DUH!
I have been completely neglecting my creative needs for the last week.
A half-hearted attempt to get a postcard series going over the weekend lay spread on my table in careless neglect.  All of my mental energy has gone into spinning my wheels and needlessy worrying.

So at last, for a few sweet stolen hours, the crazy pants were turned back into the art pants.  

This series of postcards emerged.  
They may or may not be done, but either way they will be packed in my suitcase, and perhaps mailed from San Francisco.
All were made with Citra-solv papers, gelli printed papers, vintage photos (from a thrift store photo album) and odd bits of old science textbooks.

I know tomorrow will be a surreal day of sleep deprivation and haphazard preparation.  I will probably end up packing too many art supplies and not enough underwear, but it will all be worth it.
I'm grounded.
I'm calm.
I'm ready.
Moral of the story: never trade the art pants for the crazy pants.

SF here I come!


  1. I think you are already half way out. Have a fantastic pie. eat lunch woth Pamela, she knows the best spots. xox

    1. Right on Corrine -- I do know the best spots!!!! can't wait to meet up with karen and Mandy. We will miss you though.

  2. You're going to have a great time. And everyone will want one of your postcards.

    PS - I love it when you wear your art pants!!

  3. All great, and full of interest but I love the brave elderly lady. Who knows what lies beneath someone's ordinary looking appearance! Have a good time in San Fran, and enjoy every moment. XX

  4. Have a fabulous time! I wish you warmer weather, much fun, time for your introvert self to chill (I know how that is! also being a not-shy introvert), and for your plane to leave on time Thursday morning...

  5. B R E A T H E ! Have a fab time in SF -- part of me really wishes I were going (I'm only 5 hours north), but I, too, am an introvert and hate big-group events, even though I "know" many of the people who'll be there. Still, it would be too much for me. I look forward to all the inspiration I'll get from your trip! And those postcards above? just fabulous!! xo

  6. Great cards - I particularly like 'FROG'.

    Looking forward to a post-conference report - you can always sleep on the plane!

    And is there a glue you prefer for making your postcards?

  7. Yeah, what Amy said. Especially the part about plane leaving on time.....hope the weather cooperates. Have an exceptional time (I know you will) and we'll look forward to hearing all about it - as only you can tell.

  8. I forgot to say anything about those fabulous p/c! I LOVE the way you used the photos - cut out and integrated into the big picture - well done!

  9. Ha! Great post, I'm still chuckling. Have a ball at EPF and say Hi to Pamela for me. I only live an hour away but can't go due to work. Gah!
    Love the postcards, especially cutting away the top part of the photos. Don't know why that never occurred to me...

    1. We will miss you Leslie -- I think you should sneak out of work and come!

  10. Hey Miss Crazy -- bring your crazy old self here to SF and then RE-LAX!!! We are not scary at all and it will be a blast. And STOP driving yourself crazy. We have everything you need here......

  11. last thing.....bring your postcards to XPF to mail Saturday night -- there is James, the Burning Man postmaster who will put a special XPF cancellation on them and mail them out! Jennie posted about it........

  12. I will be there on saturday as well. Bring some cards packs and such to mail.

  13. Beautiful postcards!! Bet you will have a wonderful time...I get such a kick out of your descriptions of your behavior...and I suppose it's because I can so totally relate!

  14. Great postcards! Hope you're having a great time. And remember, if you didn't pack enough underwear, they sell that stuff even in California :^)

  15. You're still coming right? Did you get snowed in?

  16. LOVE this post. LOVE that you changed from your crazy pants to your arty pants and I LOVE all of these postcards.

    Have a wonderful time, I'm really looking forward to reading all about it.


  17. HOW WAS IT?!!!?!?!

    I bet you took the whole place by storm.