Friday, February 7, 2014

Round Robin Zine

The Super Mail Artists are at it again.
Mandy is leading us in our third round robin "postcard zine"

We take several sheets of standard 8.5" x 11" cardstock, fold it in half, stitch it across the fold to hold it together like a pamphlet, and then we decorate one side with art, use the other side for a message/address, seal the edges of the pamphlet shut and mail it off like a giant postcard.

The next person in line carefully unseals it, flips over a new page and creates their own giant two sided postcard, mailing it off the the next person on the list until at last the little zine is full and comes home to it's original creator.

We had the option to pick a theme for our zines, and my theme is chickens.
Yup, chickens.
chickens make me laugh.
plus, I got to use my favorite "joke"

It's not terribly clear in the picture below, but that little chick is saying "chicken butt"

This is what comes from spending so much time with second graders.
Any time someone says "guess what" I have to answer "chicken butt."
Even if you don't hear me say it out loud, I guarantee you I have said in my head and giggled.

In addition to starting my own zine, I've contributed to Carroll's.
Her theme is COLOR.  The more colorful the better.

Here's my contribution:

There are six of us in the group this time, so I'll have four more zines to work on in the coming months.


  1. Fun swap super mail artists. Love your COLOR. xox

  2. Me too - I've joined my first RR zine and just love it - it's a quick and easy way to share art and then keep it for yourself when it comes home. Fabulous idea. Your color card for Carroll looks like a party!

  3. Ok, this is a great idea! I'll have to round up a few people and give it a try. Love both your cards - the colorful circles are great and chickens always make me smile.

  4. ..and around our house we say "Chicken butt says what??" :P

  5. LOVE! Trying to figure out how to get some people to do this with me...

  6. This looks another interesting and original collaboration, and great fun if everyone can match up to your great humour.

  7. Green with envy! :D So much fun. Hope I catch the next one :D

  8. Love your colour collage - such vibrant awesome colors! Yum!