Saturday, July 5, 2014

haphazard ICADS

 Flying by the seat of my pants as usual when it comes to this week's index cards...

Bits of vintage security envelopes, old postage stamps, ubiquitous circles.


An interesting bit of styrofoam fell out of the box my new fan came in.  I used it to make those black stamp marks. 

The cards from July 1st were covered in my last post.  Thanks for all your feedback. I ended up gluing the original stamp head to the index card with the woman, and gluing a copy of the stamp head to the other index card.  (Many thanks to Christie for this simple solution to my conundrum.)  (and my mother, the editor, has informed me that my grammar irritation on card #2 was unfounded.  This is known as an exclamatory question and her go-to source says An exclamation mark may be used to close questions that are meant to convey extreme emotion, as in "What on earth are you doing! Stop!")(Who knew?)(or maybe I should say WHO KNEW!)

After those July 1st cards,  I went on a stamp-head frenzy.
It was much too hot and humid this week to spend time in my unairconditioned studio, so these quick and easy cards were all I could muster.




I woke this morning to the irritating realization that I didn't do an index card yesterday.  I completely forgot.  It wasn't like I was too busy with 4th of July celebrations.  It was a ridiculously rainy day, and we barely left the house.  I had ample opportunity to create a card, but it never entered my head to do so.
I'm trying to get over my disappointment for breaking my streak, but it's been hard.  I've been walking around like the woman in the picture above.  My arm is getting tired from pressing it to my forehead for so many hours.
So it goes.


  1. True confessions...I may be a day or two behind. But it isn't a surprise for me! The stamp heads are awesome!

  2. Thanks for all the laughs this morning! Your cards are great!

  3. Bummer about forgetting, but it's okay to put your arm down now! Just move on and make more fun cards this week. These look good for "slapped together"!

  4. One's mind doesn't always behave as it should, just catch up later. Your postage stamp pieces really made me smile.

  5. A night of heavy drinking indeed...LOL

  6. For the record, we celebrated the anniversary of America by reviewing on-screen the history of Karen's favorite 'orrible British band.

  7. Deer Karon;
    I offen think Im loosing my mynd. The indecs card every day thing is haff responsible four this. try to steer clere of it if you khan.