Wednesday, July 16, 2014

of fish, birds, circles and scraps...

Faced with a clean desk and an absence of red & purple, I sat down to make Saturday's index card and had zero ideas.

There was some random smearing of paint and half-hearted stamping of circles, but then the littlest circles started looking like bubbles, and I went scurrying off for suitable imagery.  Mandy is right, everything does look better with a fish on it.


This one started out as the card where I 'd removed the extra paint from my circle stamps the day before.   I pulled out some markers and colored in all the little intersecting spaces.  It pleases me more than I thought it would. 

A corollary to the above fish theory involves birds...

Thank goodness for a well-stocked scrap basket.  I got home late last night from an evening of art, wine and conversation and nearly forgot to make my card.
A pre-painted background and some pleasing scraps had me done and in bed within 5 minutes.
It's been really hot and sticky in the art room, and if not for ICAD I probably wouldn't be in there at all.  As always, I am eternally grateful to Tammy for leading this challenge every summer and fueling my creativity in all kinds of weather.


  1. Like you, my art room is way too hot when I get home from work, so I've been making many of mine with doodles I can make sitting downstairs watching TV. Or I dash in, pull some scraps and use the one staple method of attachment! The good part about that process is that it's intuitive and doesn't give you time to fuss or stress about placement, etc.; you just go with the flow! Lovin' these - each so different. Only a couple weeks to go then we'll have to find our motivation elsewhere! :)

  2. Love the fish card, good colors. And I don't even particularly like fish but they do look good on things. Bird card is nice too. I'm sooo behind.

  3. It's quite a commitment, but I'm loving seeing each piece. Wanna swap that bird? Just email me if you do.

  4. I'm behind too...surprise, surprise...Time to break out the FISH!!!
    Your cards are always great, Karen!

  5. Marvelous circles.....glad the weather has cooled off, and I can get outside. xox

  6. These are great! You make art out of just about anything...that's what I love about you.

  7. God, I'm really loving the circle vibe. Infinity (and beyond).

  8. Catching up on by blog reading and enjoying your cards as always. ICAD is the Summer art saver. I dare not think what my art practice would look like without it.