Saturday, July 19, 2014

This time I meant it

Unlike my purple, red, black and white string of index cards, this latest group of cards was intentionally developed as a series.

I'm hosting an "asemic writing" postcard swap and it inspired me to practice this form of wordless writing on a bunch of blank index cards and transparency scraps.  Those practice pieces have shaped my ICAD compositions for the last few days.  Each day built upon the previous day's work.

Here's the whole bunch.  I made 7 cards over 4 days.

7-16-14 (#1)

7-16-14 (#2)

7-17-14 (#1)

7-17-14 (#2)

7-18-14 (#1)

7-18-14 (#2)

Perhaps there will be more.


  1. Great series! I think I need to get painty today.....Maybe I'll actually get some cards in to MMSA...we'll see.. :P

  2. I have been taken with asemic writing as well, and started using it as a design element in journals. These are so cool.

  3. Oh, and I love the colors and how the thick black writing pops off the surface.

  4. GORgeous! Thanks for the inspiration and name to something I've played with occasionally in my work without even realizing it (just called it doodling :D)! Love these colors mixes and layers….

  5. Your cards are all wonderful...great inspiration as I think about what to do for my asemic cards.

  6. I also like the ones you created on the 17th a lot. Even the oblong turquoise shapes seem to be almost-decipherable.

  7. LOVE that first one! I've been doing this for a long time and just called it fake writing. I didn't know it had a "real" name!

  8. Marvelous writing, love this process as you know. Maybe I can hop in. xox

  9. Really into 7/16 #2 and 7/18 #2. Keep it up!!

  10. Excellent - I too have been 'scribble writing' without knowing it had a real name. as I wandered the web in search of more examples (and there are many gorgeous ones out there) I'm looking forward to making marks with intention. These are all so great and I just love the second one - thanks for this great idea!

  11. LOVE! And grateful for learning more about asemic writing. It is so intriguing.