Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ocean and Birch

More fun with the "job lot" paints, today using the colors Ocean and Birch.

In addition to painting straight on the water color paper, I painted sheets of newspaper to use as collage elements, blending and overlapping the colors at times to create new shades.  I also started digging through baskets of fabric and specialty paper looking for things in a similar palette.
(added bonus of finding all kinds of cool things I forgot I had...)

One more series tomorrow - this time featuring "twig."


  1. This time the first one is my favorite. In general, the two series remind me of the beach

  2. Mmm, just my colors - love them all but the last one is really special. Wonderful batch of fun!

  3. Love the colors and the materials you chose. Nice textures and patterns. xox