Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The view from Tuesday

The news says my town already has 18 inches of snow.

It's hard to tell because I've got a 4 foot drift on one side of the driveway and a bare windswept patch on the other side.

We'll continue to have blizzard conditions well into the night.

Across town, my dog-sister, Maggie, is less than pleased.

It sure is white out there....

Inside, it's much more colorful.
Jake is enjoying the art room's new orange futon cover and coordinating pillow cases.

And there are sock-inspired postcards in various states of completion.

I'm just waiting for the two teenage boys (who are currently sprawled on my couches after a late night of gaming) to wake up so I can start the baking portion of the day.


  1. How fun! And what are you baking? Art, teenage boys, baking and white stuff outside.....a good combo.

  2. Snow Day!!!!! And gingerbread! And sock inspired cards! Woo hoo!

  3. Well, if the weather has you trapped, best to make delicious, right? Whether art or food.....delicious is in order! Hope it's not TOO bad.

  4. Hope you are dug out, we are just and more on the way. Poor dog sister. I'm shoveling paths for mine. xox

  5. good day for snuggling on the futon.

  6. Ha! I missed Jake and HIS new yummy futon cover (I just ordered my Zafu cushion in Orange Saffron :D). Thanks for the hilarity and the bright sock-inspired pieces too!!

  7. That's a LOT of snow! We kept getting promises here near Philadelphia, but it sure never amounted to much. Everyone was kind of hoping to hunker down! (Love those sock colors!)

  8. Oh.. baking. Another thing I used to do...

    I love the sparkle, but the ice... nope!

  9. Looks pretty colorful and cozy. Love the socks colors.