Monday, January 19, 2015

Ocean and Twig

The people who named these paints might have been a little bit color blind, because this is not at all what I think of when I hear the word "Twig."
It's more mustard, or ochre.  Regardless, I like the way it complements Ocean.

This series may or may not be done.
I always get stuck between thinking "this is only a postcard,  don't over think it, create it quickly and let it go" vs. "imagine how much more you could do if you'd just spend some time thoughtfully developing your pieces."


Max looked at all twelve of the Job Lot series, and declared these his favorites, saying "I'm a sucker for orange and blue." 

This amuses me greatly because
1. He certainly is his mother's son
 2. Even when I think I'm straying from my usual palette, I always come back to this.
(and ocean and twig by any other name?)

Coming soon - a return to eye popping color.


  1. So happy to see you returning to your art and sharing with us. As usual, I so enjoy your style and though the colors are a bit muted from your usual, that's what makes art so endlessly fascinating, challenging, FUN! I'm looking forward to more....more! :)

  2. Nice is hard to stop sometimes, isn't it?

  3. Great conclusion to the series. The last one is quite evocative.

  4. This is my favorite color scheme!! You should see my room. Or my aura.

    Uncustomary Art.

  5. I love, love, love your last piece! Colors look great together, and I love the look of the frame looking out on the ocean.

  6. Please return in original condition. That always cracked me up. Not only is that impossible, but the original condition was crap to begin with.

    This is the dizzying mind train I ride when I'm on your blog.