Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mess follows me around

Saturday I was working on a project that involved fake fur. 
(but that's a different story).
The studio floor was a littered with scraps of fur, paper, tape, magazines, tissue paper 
(cat hair)
(maybe some cracker crumbs). 

Pretty much anything I've touched in the last week.
(mess simulation. It was actually much much worse than this)

I dashed out of the house at 11:40AM so I could mail a package before the post office closed at noon.
I drove there, ran in, checked my box, stood in line, mailed my package, and it was only as I was leaving that I felt like there was something stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

I was sincerely hoping I hadn't stepped in gum, and I hesitantly looked down and almost screamed out loud.  I thought I'd stepped on a dead rodent.

Turns out it was part of my morning project, of course.
I'd been walking around with it for about 20 minutes, unnoticed.

What kind of arts and crafts have YOU inadvertently worn out of the house?


  1. I think almost all my tee shirts have either paint dribbles or gel medium or something on them. I try not to wear them out of the house but a few times I've forgotten and rushed out to do something only to look down and see something splattered all over my shirt.

  2. funny stuff! glitter..which I don't mind. Glue...I have four different kinds that I use of them really leaves a hard stiff spot behind.

  3. So funny. recently I was in a rush with the kids and got to church with different earrings on but now I have this to look forward to.

  4. leaving a washroom in a shopping mall, i must have stepped on something wet , and toliet paper stuck to my shoe, trailing behind me, walked around the whole mall and did not notice until i got to the car

  5. I love that your kitty is attacking that dirty rug....showing it no mercy :)

    I always have paint on my hands.....daring people to ask what I've been doing!

  6. Isn't there always paint on your clothes. I look down and see it all the time and on my sneaks too. Nothing stuck to me yet, but I don't put anything on the floor, too easy for puppy chewing, maybe that's why? xox

  7. Heehee, you are hillarious :)))) I have allways paint on my under low (is this the right word?) and had to check them, before I walk out of the shower, but often I forget and then I walk all day with half of my painting directly on my arms ;)

  8. Yikes - when I saw that photo I thought, "Oh no! She stepped on a mouse!" Ha! I once walked around with a stencil stuck to the bottom of my Chuck Taylor (that is my shoe of choice too!!!) for an entire day... I am still surprised no one said anything... Or that I didn't have a clue (I guess I'm out of the running for that whole "Princess and the Pea" thing! lol)

    I love your post above too, but didn't feel right about commenting on it since I wasn't able to participate (Boo!), and I didn't want you to think I was just in it for the super cool prizes! Ha!


    p.s. I hope you are going to share what you made with the fake fur!

    p.p.s. I love, love, LOVE your official "Corporate Seal" - you are so cool.