Saturday, May 12, 2012

Waxing euphoric

I came over here to show you the wonderful batik on paper I've been playing with, when I noticed I have ONE HUNDRED AND TWO followers.  

seriously?  when did I break 100?  
you guys rock.  are you sure you're not just 101 aliases of my mother?

No?  Okay then.
 Hello new friends!
 Please pardon my frequent (and unintentional) rudeness and total disregard for blogging friend protocol.  
I swear I always MEAN to respond to my comments, and figure out who all you lovely people are and stop by and say hello.  

I'm enthusiastic.  
and full of good ideas.  
and full of good intentions.  
just a little short on the follow through and execution part. 

So here I am waving enthusiastically, saying HI and WELCOME and THANK YOU

Now enough of the euphoria and onto the wax.

Amy posted a great tutorial on doing wax batik on paper.  you can find it here.
In typical fashion I dropped everything to try-it-right-now.

Here are the luscious papers I made:

 LOOK - you can SEE through them.
Cool, huh?

I've already started ripping them up for collage.
Like this post card:
And I wanted to try to take advantage of their translucency so I punched holes in an envelope and pasted the batik paper inside and then doodled all over it in gel pen.

 I want to make a million more of these.
 (doodling style completely aped from this book)

Now go right now and check out Amy's tutorial, because she actually DRAWS stuff, like faces and birds, and turns them into really amazing batik paintings, not just little blobs like mine.

and I'm really, truly glad you're here.

have a slice of pie.


  1. I got that same doodling book not too long ago! Nice tutorial link...I think I have some beeswax left over from a big block I got at the farmers' market (an excellent source for all things bees-y) that I used for candles. I'll have to see if I can find a potpourri thingy though, that way I can do this right in the studio and not back & forth to the kitchen.

  2. I always love your posts, they brighten up my day. Must look at the tutorial, though it probabably involves heating up wax which is a no-no for me.

  3. Fun post- and I'm enjoying my morning coffee with you again. I just reached 12 followers on my blog- yahoo!

  4. hello!! I love the 'peek-a-boo' effect - kinda like reverse applique!!

  5. I'm not new here....but, I never turn down pie!!

    Love the idea of your punched envelope! So cool!

  6. me too......pie...I made strawberry rhubarb pie last your blog (but you already know that!). And happy Mother's day too.......