Monday, September 26, 2011

Index cards Sept 20-25

I started last week highly motivated to use the new bunch of ICAD prompts.  My favorite of the bunch was Art Deco so after googling for inspiration, I settled on this:

I painted an index card with gold paint and then cut out all the little holes  with an x-acto knife and placed it on top of a painted background.  (should have switched to a new blade - the edges are a little ragged, but by the time I noticed I didn't feel like starting over)

The next prompt was Television and I worked really hard on this and then totally hated the way it came out and I almost threw it away.  I was deep into my funk at this point (wearing the crazy pants for a few days).  When I emerged from the dark side a few days later I could see what I needed to do to salvage this.  I don't have a picture of the old version, but trust me when I tell you this is much improved.  
(the card is cut into the shape of the TV but after scanning it I could only crop it into a rectangle so this picture makes it look like a TV on a white index card)

 So while I was in the aforementioned funk I was having NO index card love, so I found a half-finished card from a series I did over the summer and scribbled on the white ink and called it a day.


 At this point I've abandoned all hope of following the prompts, but had a very good time using up the paper scraps that have been piling up in my scrap basket.  Haven't done an ICAD collage in a long time.  It was so much fun, I did two in a row.

Finally, more experimenting with my luscious water soluble oil pastels and a random scrap of text that I hadn't used in a different project.

As always, head back over to Daisy Yellow to see what my fellow ICAD-ers have been doing this week and to show Tammy some love!


  1. Out of all of these I really love the flowers, they are very cool! I don't do well with prompts but they do get me thinking and maybe I will make something in a prompt theme but more than likely not. The prompt will get me thinking about something else, lol! We have all had the "crazy pants" days but I have never heard anyone call it that, too funny!

  2. Well....I like the TV card.....and I don't even like TV....

  3. Wow, these are an excellent bunch of cards. I love your TV, it reminds me of the TV we had as a kid - can you get brown TVs any more?!

  4. I like the *free* ones best, enjoy experimenting! Valerie

  5. I love your ode to the 50's television and you certainly got those crazy pants off and kept right on going. xox Corrine

  6. I like all your cards, esp. the ArtDeco one and the t.v one is very clever. The last one, useful facts about seafood, made me laugh real hard. The first thought that popped into my head was "DON'T EAT IT". I'm behind on posting my cards, not too happy with any of them of late. I'm distracted by family health issues and lacking creative juices.

  7. Isn't it funny how we look at our work sometimes and see ... junk but others look and see .... a gem! I like following prompts too but sometimes find myself scrambling to create something for a prompt and not for me. I guess I'm still creating though, right? Thanks for continuing to visit and read me - I follow you too and always look forward to what you're up to!

  8. I am late! Any way loving the I love the colorful flowers against the black & all the other lovely textures & colors with those oil pastels! I liked your previous post too! Happy belated PPF! lol

  9. Wow, such a wide variety of art to admire! I respect all the hard work that went into the one carved out by X-acto knife and love the stained glass look that came of it. Beautiful. My favorite is the flowers outlined in the white pen. It's amazing how white pen makes things pop. Great work.

    Thanks for visiting my fly fishing paintings. I think one is finished although I only got a grunt from my dh when I showed it to him. Maybe you can look on Friday or afterwards and let me know if it needs something more. Faye