Sunday, September 11, 2011


Are you a member of the cult of washi-tape?  Devoted followers sing its praises.
The seemingly endless varieties of delicious pattern-y goodness are springing up everywhere.
Everywhere, except my local craft stores, and therefore, my art supply stash.

I know I could just hop online and with a few clicks have a box of washi-heaven delivered straight to my door.  I've been to all the websites.  It's not that a single roll is so expensive.  If I stumbled upon one in the aisle of Michael's I'd snatch it right up.  It's that in the face of hundreds of of delicious flavors, I can't decide.  Each pattern is better than the next, and before I know it I've got $100 (plus shipping) in the virtual shopping cart and  I log off without buying anything.  So I've been washi-less.

Then I found THIS great link from Julie K in Taiwan on how to make your own.  You KNOW I had to try it for myself.

I found this roll of paper first aid tape at the local supermarket for less than $4 (no shipping!)
I tore off some strips and stuck it to waxed paper and colored on them with watercolor crayons.

I blended the crayon with water

I created patterns using a variety of stamps and ink pads and paint.

Here's a few journal pages using my new tape:

It's a cute, fun, fix while I ponder my choices on the real deal.   For less than the cost of a single roll, I can have as many patterns as my imagination, stamp collection and doodling skill allows.


  1. Ooh I like this activity, bet it would work on plain masking tape too! Will have to try it out. xox Corrine

  2. OO--very nice! Much more creative than just ordering it online...the collage is great.

  3. i am for sure going to give it a try. I do not own any washi tape I cant decide what pattern to buy and then I just log off as well. This might satisfy my urge for this tape.

  4. This is so cool, I haven't heard of this tape before either, fun designs & great bonus bursts of colour on your journals :)

  5. I use Micropore tape for mine. I got 12 rolls of small and 10 rolls of nice and wide tape for less than it would cost to send a 'real' washi tape from the US or Japan to the UK, and have been designing my own tapes for a while now. A roll of Micropore tape goes a LONG way, and you're not stuck with one design you feel you have to use over and over again because you bought it and need to use it...

    I've put tons in my Art Journal, you can see a flip-through here, including how I keep the tapes in my journal for future use: