Monday, September 5, 2011

What now?

Every time I hear someone mention the great class they are taking, or the group they are part of, or the challenge they just posted, I have an almost physical need to join.  There are so many incredible things to choose from, and everyone seems to be having so much fun.  I want to do them ALL, but there are only so many hours in the day, dontcha know.

How do you decide what classes to take, groups to join, etc?  Sometimes I realize I'm interested in something just because someone I admire is involved.  I want to join so I can be one of the cool kids.  Maybe not the best criteria for decision making - I'm going to end up doing "30 days of crocheting with your eyes shut" if I'm not careful.

So I'm taking my finger off of the "join now" button, and I'm.....

One thing for sure - I'm sticking with the Index-Card-a-day project and this month I'm trying to follow Tammy's prompts.  As a result, this card isn't my typical style, but I guess that was my point.  The prompts are encouraging me to try new things (and SEE, I didn't even need to join a new group!)

And since you're still here, so kindly reading, I'll show you my cards from yesterday.  (yes, cards, plural.  Some days one just isn't enough)
Clear glaze pen and water color resist, inspired by a little saucer I bought in the dollar section of Target.

I got 18 pounds of tomatoes and a gazillion red peppers as part of my farm share yesterday


  1. Love your cards!! I know I need to step back a bit too. There are just so many courses, and monthly prompts that I'm tempted to join. Love your work. Great stuff on your Flicker page!! TFS!

  2. Wow. I love you. You are my new art hero. I love ALL of these cards, but especially the first and last cards. Weirdly enough, I too posted about this very same topic (the many different groups) on my blog just a few days ago. :) Weird...

  3. I too get awestruck with the choices out there, but realize I don't have time so have to find what really resonates with me,
    which next week is Squam Arts Workshops, hands on love.
    18lbs of tomatoes and peppers, pasta sauce yippee! You have really exploded with your index cards, glad you are continuing. xox Corrine

  4. Last night when I was stressing and struggling with my sketch for my Chess card, I just imagined you making something wonderful! Sure enough you did! I'm the same way with joining, not wanting to be left behind if some of my favorite peeps are playing. Well, after paying for several classes that I did not even start, I got over that, so I don't join much anymore. So, even if you do get sucked into that crochet class, I WON't follow!

  5. love love the cards, of course red is my fav color. I to have the same feeling, that I need to take that class, I need to know what the others know. But in the end when you take the class you know it already. I have taken way to many classes that I have not done one single thing with, okay all the classes I have taken which is to many to say, I have not done one single thing with. So I decided Jan will be a new year and I will not take one class .