Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Okay, you're a cab

One of the index card prompts for this week is "Taxi" and over at the Butterfly Effect, the theme is "street art".  Two great tastes that go great together.  How delightfully convenient!

Here's my index card of a flying taxi:
To make the body of the taxi I painted a bunch of different paper with various shades of yellow, and then snipped little tiny random squares from each page and collaged them together, cutting out the shape of the taxi when it was dry.

Then, since I've been hanging out in the Wild Precious sketchbook group, and Effie's challenge for this week is to make a coloring book style sketch, I drew and colored this little picture

Effie strongly encouraged us to use crayons, and I have the most pathetic, rag-tag bunch of crayons that are all half-melted from my hot-rock project over the summer, but I used them anyway.  But just in case the crayon version totally sucked, I scanned the drawing before I colored it so that I could play around with different supplies. That graffiti was totally fun; I want to make some more and use ink and paint and watercolor crayon.  I might make a whole coloring book of this picture.  Or maybe I'll just start using taxis in every project.

I've got cityscapes on my mind.

(Would somebody please call me a cab?)


  1. Alright!
    I love the way you used the cabs! And thanks for telling me about the Wild Precious sketchbook group. I'm gonna go check it out... ; )

  2. I love that taxi! :) You did a great job with collaging.

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I am in love with your flying taxi!!! I would frame that and hang it on the wall... Love it... seriously. Very, very cool.


  4. I agree, the flying taxi is awesome!

  5. To add to the comments -- I agree with all and just love that taxi. I have a "thing" about yellow cabs and I'm in heaven when in NYC and see dozens of them. Love that cut-out collage technique - I think DosFishes used a similar technique on a pc she sent me and I loved it. Good job.

  6. I am so excited about your top taxi. It's a wonderful piece of art. You need to sell it to some yellow taxi firm! I keep going back for another look! This has real commercial appeal. They could put it on the back of their business cards.

    Just wanted to let you know that I had a go using your background from the other week for PPF. Posting there today. I wonder if anyone else did? Hope so!

  7. I love your top taxi. The card comes together so well. Wow!!

  8. Yeah!

    Mad sweet.

    Also. Look. I really like the circular background you are using on this blog.

    Did you make it and upload/scan it?

    xxx <---- ooohhh three x's . that's dirty.