Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jellied Chicken Loaf

Those are three words that should NEVER go together, but there they were -  in this recipe book:

It's the third edition of "Food for Fifty" - originally published in 1937, though this particular edition is from 1951.  I bought it for $1 at the library book sale last year.

The inscription just kills me:

It belonged originally to Mildred Smith, but written below, in another hand, it says "given to Marion Kurshbern by Mildred's daughter, Carol upon Mildred's death".  Doesn't it make you wonder about the lives of these people?  Did Mildred work in the food service industry?  Why was the book bequeathed to Marion?  Who donated it to the library book sale? Did it stay in Marion's possession until I bought it?

It's filled with out-of-fashion recipes ("Cottage Cheese Croquettes" anyone?), mysterious terms (what on earth could "French Dressing, Semipermanent" mean?) and institutional menu planning.  It's your go-to-guide next time you want to make raisin pie for the masses.

As cool as it is, I've decided to alter it.  In fact I started altering a few months ago as part of Amy and Natasha's FREE altered book class on Flutterbye.  As fun as it is to mess around with the book, it didn't really have a focus or a purpose.  I'd painted a few scary faces in it and that's all.

But then I decided to see what was going on in the Book of Days group and I decided this would be the perfect book for a year of art journaling and reflection.

I haven't decorated the cover yet - I need to work in a book for a little while so that eventually the cover will reflect the contents.

Here's the inside of the cover.  (recognize that painting?)

The next spread sets my intentions for the year.  I had a releasing ceremony on the Solstice to let go of the things that don't serve me anymore.  I also spent several contemplative hours on New Year's Day choosing a word for the year.  This spread has a little pocket on each page and some personal writing slipped inside.

Then a spread for the first week.  (with a fold-out page)

In addition to capturing this year's journey, I hope to pick up some cooking tips.
Next time you're planning a party for 50 of your closest friends let me know and I'll send you the recipes for Prune Whip, Veal Souffle and Sweetbread Cutlets.


  1. Anything jellied has got to go, glad you covered it up with something so energetic and exciting. Prune whip yes, the rest yuck, but that was the 50's food wasn't it? HA HA. xox Corrine

  2. Ohh noo thank you! for the recipes that that altered book...yum

  3. Love the texture on the release fear for 2012 and trust. Thats my goal for 2012 to trust. I'll get back to you on the prune whip. Best wishes for 2012

  4. Prune Whip has gotta be my fave....first you whip them into shape, then they return the favor...haha!

    Great alterations! Having old books to do fun things with is the best!
    ...and I still like those trees :)

  5. I really enjoy your post...If I ever had 50 guests the next weeks I will ask you for the menü ;-)

  6. ok i am old, but not that old, that i would have ever had that or served it, but it is a very cool book