Friday, January 27, 2012

devil kitty

Came home from work today to find a mason jar full of turquoise dye spilled all over my work table, chair, and floor.

whose fault?
this guy:
paper eating evil beast
dumper of buckets
spiller of liquids

He knows I'm pissed at him so he's being ingratiatingly cute:
In the basket with the stuffed studio mink
In the scrap box under my work table
PLEASE don't be mad at me!
(I love that he's laying in the middle of Cameron's black kitty paintings)
(and no, Cam, your paintings are not still laying on the couch after all these months  - this is just an old picture)

Like most of us, he's a study in contrasts.

I've been messing around with my new Inktense pencils (LOVE!!!!)
and altering a creepy black and white picture of myself.

Here's one of my own contrasting sides:

Here's another:

I think I like this view best:

Linking up to the "Opposites" theme over at the Butterfly Effect, where we are ALL pretty ALL the time.
Go see for yourself.


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  2. Pretty awesome, both the artwork & the damage done by kitty!!!! Love you're take on the opposites theme, great idea :)
    You'd think I'd spell check BEFORE I post LOL, I guess we can't be ALL pretty & have brains ;)

  3. whoops 'your' Jeeze Louise that was my second attempt too LOL

  4. Ooh devil kitty.....I like your split face. Turquoise and green yum. xox

  5. love the kitty antics, and the the self portrait, and the way you folded it at the end

  6. He he your cat is a slimmer and male version of mine. I recognize "the let me roll on my back and give you that look so that I can impress you my with my foreloreness" technique.

  7. this is a totally cool effect! WOW. OH, and I'm soooo jealous that you have Inktense! I'm totally Jonesing for them. How are they to use? My blog is, if you wouldn't mind coming on over, I'd love to hear your experience with them!
    Jenn at hopping from Fully Buttered Effect
    (your newest follower!)

  8. Oh, that's clever! Love how you made this piece. And lol to the kitty. :) He knows when he has to put out his cute face. :))) I'm telling you, if I didn't have cats and dogs my place would not be this tidy. I have to clean up so they won't spill/tear/destroy anything or if I forget, I have to clean up after them. Either way it's clean. :))

  9. Just the very reason why my two cats are banned from the studio! Somehow cats and art don't seem to work for me.

    I like the accordion folded faces...very cute.

  10. That is an amazing idea for showing opposites...might have to have a go at that. love your artwork :D XXX

  11. What an excellent and creative way to portray opposite. I didn't have any brainstorm for the topic this week so will just have to content myself with visiting everyone else's genius! Yours is evident!

  12. kitty loves art, thats for sure ;-) what a nice idea for opposites to make these lovely accordion!

  13. I would hear stories about cats creating havoc....getting into things....never thought I had to worry ( I must have boring, unadventurous cats....haha!)
    ....then we got the kitten!! She's making up for both of the others!!

    That is an adorable pic of him looking so innocent and cute on the couch....and hey, what you do with art you receive is your business ;P
    So, Inktense pencils, huh? Worth looking into then :)
    You try the neatest things with your art!

  14. Hahaha! You proved there's someone else who's creatively neat-challenged. For the time it took to do a quick eye roll I thought someone had sneaked into my studio and taken spy photos. I am quite taken with the accordion art. :)