Monday, January 23, 2012

Journal pages and el-cheap-o pen storage system

I could stay up all night trying to write insightful or pithy remarks for this blog post, or I could just show you my damn journal pages.
Here's what I've been working on -  one finished, one in progress:

Oh, how I love me some circles.

But really, you came here for the brilliant and FREE pen storage system I rigged up over the weekend.
Here's my old pen storage system:
It was problematic, to say the least.
Here's my new pen storage system:
Why yes, yes it IS toilet paper tubes hot glued into a shoe box.
I don't know about you, but I am glue gun IMPAIRED.  I love hot glue and all you can do with it, but I always make a huge mess, and ALWAYS burn my fingers a thousand times.  You'd think after the 6th or 7th time (in a row) that I burn myself I'd figure out a different strategy.  but no.

Which reminds me of a little guy at camp last summer.
He was only 5, and really really wanted to help build this:
But you have to be in 4th grade to use the glue guns.  Everyone else gets tacky glue.
And we try to keep the glue guns at a safe distance, really we do.
 and we kept warning him that the glue gun was really really hot and he shouldn't touch it.

 he touched it.
and as he cried, he wailed "You told me not to touch it and I touched it"
that's me and glue guns in a nut shell

BUT, did you know that you can get rid of all those stringy spider-webby bits of glue without painstakingly picking them off one by one all the while swearing under your breath?
You probably already know this, but I was so excited to learn this from the resident craft queen at work.
or better yet, heat gun.
a quick blast melts them all away and makes them disappear.
Now if only she can teach me NOT TO TOUCH IT.


  1. Toilet paper rolls really are the gift that keeps on giving...I glued them together to make "binoculars" for my daughter's Jungle Explorer's Bday party one year...haha!

    I tend to use my nail side of my finger to push stuff down....hurts a tiny bit less, but easier to peel off without taking a layer of skin with it :)

  2. "brain damage"....I am laughing.....and I always burn myself with those darn glue guns....

  3. Love your circle pages - it's such a versatile motif and endlessly fascinating! And your pen storage is genius. I don't have quite this many yet, but I'll set up the storage system now so I don't forget the great tip! Thanks.

  4. Too funny, love your pages.....after a childhood of watching a Dad who if he could hurt himself on a tool, would, even though he was super handy, I have learned to be ultra cautious. Next time call me and I will wield the hot glue gun!!! xox

  5. I love your pages, the color pops, and love the story of the glue gun, I to am glue gun imparied, burnt my fingers more times than I can count, your pen holder looks great, I just redid my pens as well, i kept them in a container like yours, and changed it up, yesterday, going to post it on my blog tommorw.

  6. Genius! What a great idea on th pen storage. I'm still putting mine in a big box. I think I'll go pee lots today, and then copy your idea.....LOL!

  7. LOL! Poor boy.

    I like your circles with major intensity!