Friday, January 20, 2012

The postcard making spree continues

I've also been trying new bookbinding techniques, making little books, working in my book of days, trying out all the very cool altered book techniques offered in Amy and Natasha's free altered book class, and working on Life Book projects.  (how many times can I say book in one sentence?)
oh yeah - and I made my own alcohol spray inks last night.  Documenting this creative spree has NOT been one of my accomplishments.  The predicted snow storm for tomorrow will be the perfect excuse to stay in my studio all day.  (like I need one!).  I promis to take pictures.


  1. Love the postcards. Can't wait to hear about the alcohol ink you made... Wanting to use it on a few metal items I have on hand.

  2. You are on a roll, they are fantastic. Books, show please! I love your zine and look at it often. Books about pie?????? xox

  3. I love your zine too! Hope you make another one. Send your postcards out today or tomorrow because the stamps for them will go up to 32 cents on Monday. A snowstorm is a great excuse to stay in studio all day. We have rain here in SF and I am using that as an excuse. (mail going out to you).

  4. Staying creatively busy (haha...I accidently mistyped busty at first!)is a true luxury....and something to be proud of in my book :)

    I, too, would like to see your alcohol ink skills!

  5. Very cool postcards anyone would be honored to receive or display in their home. How did you make the spray alcohol inks?

  6. Hey there. Have fun with your creative spree tomorrow. I responded to your comment on my blog with a big thank you for the black cat, the paper clips with color on the end, the card, the envelope,... Many thank yous.
    I have an idea for a new exchange. I saw that you are in the one book file folder mail art swap. Are you like me and make more than one of everything made for a swap? If so, do you want to swap one of our extras?
    Let me know. Be well, many thanks, and I look forward to our future exchange through the mail.

  7. they are all cuters, especially I love the first and the second one, with his wonderful colorbombo ♥♥♥