Thursday, March 8, 2012


I have several categories of recurring dreams.

There are the control dreams, in which I am driving but suddenly realize I'm actually in the back seat and no one is behind the wheel.  And the one where I'm in an elevator and it starts traveling in all kinds of crazy directions, like the elevator in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and I'm absolutely terrified.
There are the procrastination dreams in which I realize I have not attended class even once this semester, and I haven't read the book, and in fact probably didn't even buy the book, but the exam is today.

And then there are the frustration dreams, in which I cannot open my combination lock on my locker, or worse I'm trying to dial a very long and complicated phone number and the phone keeps malfunctioning and I have to start all over again.  and again.  and again.

The worst dream I ever had was a childhood fever dream and it's haunted me for 40 years.  Enormous logs are rolling down a hill and they crush a single, tiny, fragile flower.  I know.  It sounds so benign.  But if I spend too much time thinking about it, I get a nauseous panicky feeling and I think I might cry.

To this day, I avoid piles of logs.

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  1. Wow. Your story with your collages puts me right there in your dreams. Freeky-deeky! I don't remember many of my dreams anymore but I used to have some really scary ones.

    One time I dreamed my children who were very young at the time turned into devils. I made my husband go in their rooms and check their eyes to see if they were red, lol. But the dream that haunted me for years involved me going room to room in a house and stepping over people and asking for my family and being told they were in the next room, over and over. Gah, I am glad I don't remember my dreams anymore.

    Sweet dreams tonight my friend :)

  2. oh my god. o mi god. we have the same dreams.

    what the heck?

    i have that same horrible procrastination dream. except guess what? i think mine is based on memory.

    i was a really 'bad' teenager and one year i didn't go to biology or algebra nearly all year. i didn't even know where the classroom was.

    (the following year i was in reform school. surprise.)

    but that's not the point.

    i didn't Want to be so far behind and removed... it just sort of got to be a habit.

    like, you sure as hell can't go to class after missing 2 months.

    oh right. sorry.

    we have the same dreams.

    also i have the car accident dream. except my manslave is always driving and he stops paying attention and we go over the side of a bridge.

    damn car.
    damn manslave.

    damn high school biology class.

    i don't have the logs dream though.
    that one sounds the most distressing.

    do you ever dream about a mildly attractive guy named charles?

  3. Oh, horrible dreams! You just reminded me with the car of another dream I have but it's about the breaks not working. It's a horrible feeling to have no control over stopping the car. Anyway, thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I love that you've used your dreams in your art, (hmm, how to illustrate a very narrow road/bridge with no sides that you cannot possibly stay on, and you know you are going to fall) - thanks for sharing. btw - that last dream does NOT sound benign!

  5. I have the driving dream too...and I don't drive?? The one with the logs sounds like you, or someone around you at the time of your fever, was very afraid that you(the delicate little flower) was in real danger of dying. Parents don't always tell us how serious our childhood illnesses were. I remember staying home from school to nurse my baby brother (I was 9)who had measles. That was 40 years ago, and my mother only told me this year that the Dr expected him to die! Maybe you heard something in your fevered state of a similar nature :) XXX

  6. I love your dream art. I have one similar to your log one that I can still recall from childhood. It isn't logs but a line of very innocent daisies slowly disappears off the edge of my view and I know they are meeting a horrible end. I've always wondered what that meant. I may have to try working it into my art journal now.

  7. I soooo have the procrastination dreams! It's always near the end of the school year and I realize that I still don't know where my classes are or what my schedule is and I've only been to math once all year!!

    I've got the wonky elevator ones too. Sometimes the bottom drops out when it is going sideways and I'm left standing on a tiny edge.....