Friday, March 16, 2012

Red composition

It's week 5 of my composition class and look at me I'm keeping up!
This week was all about creating depth with layers and colors.  Since the theme over at Butterfly Effect is "red" this week, I decided not to make yet another orange and aqua collage, but to push myself to use my least favorite color.

I'll come right out and say it - I hate red.
I never paint with red paint.  I don't wear red clothes.  Red candies were the ones you gave to your sister or secretly threw on the floor of the movie theater.  

So as if my class assignments weren't challenging me enough (HAH!) I decided to work in a limited palette of shades of a color I hate.

I'm a glutton for punishment.

But I'm learning a ton in this class and I'm pleased with the first attempt at using this week's lessons.


  1. For using something you don't like I think you made a beautiful piece.

    Red is a color I seldom wear but I like working with it in art.

  2. I can see you throwing those red candies on the floor!!!!! Kudos for using red and making creative REDNESS so fun. xox

  3. I like it! I don't like warm colors much especially yellow. I have also been trying to do things in colors I don't like. All of my work was green or blue or blue-green or green-blue....

  4. ooohh I love this "raspberry"-red :))) nice collage and textures!

  5. First I have to ask ... why would you have red candles (or indeed anything flammable) in a movie theatre?? Some strange local custom perhaps? We have popcorn where I come from - tastes nicer than wax .... but only marginally!

    Love the textures, layers and general lushness of this piece!

  6. I wonder if red will become a favorite one day? I used to hate orange. Really hate orange. Even orange flowers. Who hates orange flowers? Then one day I had to use it for something (don't even remember why) and I found I kinda liked it. Then I used it more and more and BAM I found myself appreciating it and using it. I think your collage is awesome so I wonder if you may have a different relationship with red in the future.

  7. Red is one of my FAVE colors - I love the boldness, the audacity, the strength of red - I love red and orange or red and pink together - I love red clothes, red walls, red paint. Send me your red, I'll put it to good use! :)

    So as you can imagine, I love your collage. This class is certainly a great opportunity for you to experiment and you're embracing that so well. There are so many layers and shades of red that I'm drawn in and in. Great job - can't wait to see more (okay, it can be in orange):)