Sunday, March 11, 2012

Motion detector

The lovely Lis of Dandelion Seeds and Dreams left me a comment this week that cracked me up: "I want you to provide us with your daily schedule ... how do you do so much?! I envision this ginormous space filled with all of your art supplies and you swooping around creating in a wonderful dance of energy and color."
Now my space sure isn't ginormous - it's cozy and cluttered and has very little room for swooping or dancing.  But in my MIND????  All swooping, all the time.
So how do I manage to make so much art in spite of being a mom/wife/daughter who works full-time and has a reasonably clean house (or at least a house that wouldn't land me on one of those scary reality TV shows)? Here's my secret:

I'm a spaz.

No, really.  I do everything reallyreallyfast.  I walk so fast that the sensors on the automatic doors at Target don't recognize me and I nearly crash into the glass.
I also talk fast, type fast, cook fast, eat fast, read fast, clean fast, and (it should go without saying by now) paint fast. 

SO, while I didn't even come close to accomplishing everything on my art "to-do" list, here's what I managed to do:
  • finish all my postcards for iHanna's post card swap 
  • eat more cheese
  • draw on 3 pages in the traveling sketchbook
  • make the backgrounds for dozens more postcards (while I was in postcard mode)
  • work on lesson 4 of my composition class
This lesson was about working with a loose grid formation.  
Here's all my crazy collage-y goodness from today:
The one below doesn't seem to have enough going on:
But this one has TOO much:
This next one is so busy I think it was pulsating when I took the picture:
I prefer the monochromatic ones:
Oh yeah - I also went to my mom's house to use her sewing machine to put stitching on some postcards and while I was there I finally patched my jeans with this crazy faux-batik fabric I made with elmer's gel glue and acrylic craft paint:
Here's my rudimentary sewing skills in action:
These jeans are so old and stretched out they are know around the house as the Legend of Baggy Pants. There was no way I was going to win Amy's contest with these jeans, so I decided  not to step up as Cameron's stunt double. 

So there you have it.  My weekend wrap-up.
Cartwheels included.


  1. Wow! You crazy, busy girl! I loved the post, very cute and so fun to read. I tried to read it really fast but I couldn't.

    I love the collages especially the monochromatic ones! Now take a deep breath before you start the next 20 things :)

  2. I am exhausted... After reading this post I am going to bed... seriously. Ha! (Of course it is almost midnight, so it's about time anyway!)

    I am so glad you tried the elmer's glue batik - it came out great! (And it looks fantastic on your fanny!)

    It's funny, the motion sensors never pick me up either - luckily I'm a meandering, slow-mo, wanderer (my husband jokes that if I moved any slower I'd be stopped!) so there is no fear of me walking into the doors - I just usually have to do a little dance from side to side to get them to open! (It's a good thing that I paint fast, otherwise I'd never get anything done! Hee hee!)

    Love this post :)


  3. Haha! My ass would be flattered to have you as it's double! With that patch, people in real life could totally not help but stare!! You will be living my dream...haha!

    Being a spaz looks like it keeps you slim, too! If you saw my butt it'd probably clue you in on how much I get done and how clean my house is ;P

    The more I get to know you, the more I like you....dorks and spazs make great friends!

  4. The pants. This is one I can relate to. My wife (kim) give me nothing but grief over the fact that I wear ONE pair of shorts all week long. No this is not a joke and yes I wash them (as needed). No I am not a slob. YES I really like my shorts.

    I am fortunate enough to work at a place that lets me wear them (radio station) , I crawl under desks and have gone through way to many pair of pants (think school kids and toughskins)

    So I found a pair of shorts I love, I spend way to much for them, and dammit, I'm gonna get my monies worth out of them. So guess who picked up the needle and thread and learned how to run a sewing machine. It's amazing if you can find just the right color of thread how you can keep those things wearable. It's the same with my flannels I WON'T part with nothing that a couple of runs through the sewing machine won't fix.

    Weather to cold.. NOPE I get hazing at work for that as well.. Derrick.. It's 30 degrees outside.. Shorts weather to me. Hey I only have to make it from the truck to the building :)

  5. Your art pieces are wonderful! I too do everything fast! I think thats just how I was made, like a race car maybe : ) Have a great day!

  6. Impressive! When I'm in the right mood, I can be a dervish of energy too, but often I take a little more leisurely pace. Love the results of your composition class - amazing how different a bunch of squares/rectangles can look, isn't it?

  7. You must be set on super high speed gear! There are times when I can knock out a lot of things in a short amount of time but it doesn't happen often.

    I really like your collages, even the one you think is too busy.

  8. I won't say spaz but I know you are fast fast have seen you in action. Loving these collages and sometimes cozy is best. xox

  9. Crash into Target glass doors....LMAO! I can picture it. U R A funny gal! Got a PC from you today- LOve iT! I want to play in yout art room- would be "fast" fun. Please...feel free to inundate me with your awesomeness.

  10. I agree with Lis -- and your other commenters -- you really do get a whole lot do. I get a lot done too but you just might have me beat. (the butt photo is a riot!)

  11. Ooh, am taken with the pulsating one. :) I like the light in your studio space.

  12. Whoa, I'm tired just reading your post...! You Go, Cheeky :D Gal - love that pic!
    And I don't think the turquoise & orange has too much goin' on - love the brightness & contrast, and, do I spy some Pamela-sent-Joss-paper :D?
    Got your brilliant 'knowing Mass---e' PC today. Like I said, brilliant. Mille grazie!

  13. I always end up patching by hand because I can't figure out how to shove the pants under the machine without taking out seams. I had to patch both knees on my son's favorite courderoys the other night. *That* was slow.

    Love the glue-batik. My kids and I have done that with t-shirts and they came out great. & there is always time for eating cheese, yes? :)

    (PS SO GLAD the postcard arrived safely. I need tips on better glue, I think. I was worried they'd get ripped apart in the mail.) (And thank you for the Drawing Lab link suggestion--that is so cool!!)

  14. Aww! I love this post!! love the intimate view into your studio and life. love the LISTING! a woman after my own heart.

    you know i'm going to go look at your deck now for cat hair! i happen to remember which one was yours. i have a tiny photographic memory . yours is the white bubbly wrapper one written in colorful markers. and one of my favorite decks.

  15. awww boo! my gravatar clearly doesn't work. i thought it was supposed to work on all websites. bummer.

  16. dude.
    i love you.


    you are admirably trim.
    i think i need to move faster.

  17. Automatic doors don't open fast enough for me either! Nothing says "smooth operator" like crashing into the glass door.

    P.S. HI!

  18. hey!
    I was kidding.

    I wanted to stitch my cards, but then they got kind of thick and then I wondered about stitching tape and then I decided to just toss my sewing machine out so I wouldn't be tempted to use it.

    nice patch.

    Okay, so, I am willing to swap something with you but it would have to be mid-April. But if you don't remind me I will forget. I'm brief of brain. I do everything fast, too, including forgetting.