Saturday, March 10, 2012


I walked into the post office yesterday to get stamps for my latest batch of post cards.  My usual guy wasn't there.  I recognized the guy behind the counter, but I don't think he's ever helped me.  As I approached the counter with my fistful of colorful mail he says "let me guess - Isaacson?"

Here's the ridiculously ambitious to-do list I jotted down in my journal yesterday morning:
  • work on composition class lesson #4
  • make 10 postcards for iHanna's postcard swap
  • catch up on Lifebook lessons (I think I'm four weeks behind)
  • finish pages in traveling sketchbook so I can mail it Monday
  • write a blog post about cartwheeling
  • work in book for crop circle group
  • carve a new stamp for stamp swap

And even though I left work early yesterday and do not have any parental responsibilities, I've managed only to eat a lot of cheese, watch True Grit (the new Cohen Brothers version) go to bed early, drink a pot of coffee and read blogs for 2 hours.  
Time to get my art on.

What's on your agenda for the weekend?


  1. to get caught up on my blog post - about to happen :) Send something nice to Karen for the cool stuff she has sent me, stamp and mail the LAST 16 cards for my giveaway. Go and look at 5 prospective houses today (I HATE HOUSE HUNTING)

  2. I love that you shared your experience at the post office. I think my post office thinks I am crazy for trading so much art through the mail. :))) I know they talk about it.

  3. You have quite a list going! As for me, a little computer browsing and a little painting is all I have planned. And maybe a little snooze later in the day...I got up early this morning!

  4. My list is WAY crazy- sit on my butt and feed baby Lily! LOL! I'm missing my art so much. I hope to do SOMETHING this weekend. Your energy inspires me. (baby steps right?)

  5. 1. thank Karen for the fabulous letter
    2. do photographs for the newspaper I work for
    3. pack my suitcase for a big adventure
    4. prepare new blog post for Monday
    5. go see art shows downtown at galleries & SFMoma
    6. there is a whole lot more but I can't think of it or I will get crazy!

  6. Make post cards for Ihanna's swap
    De-clutter and recycle all my magazines (done)
    catch up on everyone's blogs
    clean the garage with my husband
    eat lots of garlic and broccoli pasta tonight
    work on some collage just for fun

    (I like your eating lots of cheese too!)


  7. Hi Karen,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my Pulse of Mixed Media post. So glad to meet you. Will be stopping back to see more of your art! Love so many of your works. Happy you were able to stop by on the celebratory train ride for the 31/31! It's been such a treat for everyone! Love your humor as well!
    As for my weekend, it's filled with errands upon errands. I'm also though loving reading comments from the blog tour and visiting so many new blogs and artists. It's been such a gift!!!

  8. My list has a few things as well:
    finish my Shutterfly book pages before the Groupon expires
    add new art to my ETSY shop
    work on digi scrapbook pages for vacation 3 years ago
    make inspiration deck
    try my new stencil cutting tool
    do an art journal page or two......need I say more?
    Good luck on your list!

  9. Yes, joining PPF this week puts the blog reading on overdrive....haha! Plus, it makes me antsy with all the talent I see, to get painting, too!!

    I haven't done anything yet....but I did go to a birthday party for my brother yesterday that was something I couldn't miss ;P

    Cool that you are a Mail Celebrity!

  10. it sounds like you have your work cut out for you, i to like to eat cheese,