Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chronicle project

I joined the Art House Co-op's chronicle project a month ago.
The project challenged artists to document a single day in their lives and share it with the community.
It could be in images or words - any medium as long as it could be folded flat into a rectangle no greater than 4"x6".
The deadline to mail it was today.
I had a month to do this.
I had ZERO ideas.
Two weeks ago I followed the cats around the house taking instagram photos every 20 minutes.  
Turns out the cats are REALLY boring.
(I have 50 variations of this)

I'd pretty much decided to bail.
It was a free project. 
It wasn't a swap.
No one was really waiting for my piece or would be heartbroken not to receive it.
I could just not submit something.
But I couldn't live with myself.

So all day yesterday I took pictures of my feet with my iPhone.
This morning I printed them on an 8"x8" piece of photo paper and did some fancy folding to turn it into a pop-out 4"x6"card.

and I got it to the post office by 10:00AM.

Neither the concept nor the pictures are all that exciting.
but the pop-out is pretty cool.

Here's what it looks like when it's flat.

Here's what it looks like as you open it:

Talk about your seat of the pants productions:
(my official corporate seal)

If you're in Brooklyn at some unannounced future date, this will be one among 1,000 chronicles on display at the Brooklyn Art Library.


  1. You come up with such cool ideas! And I love your official corporate seal!

  2. You crack me up with the cats. As always a joy to read your post.

  3. You crack me up with the cats. As always a joy to read your post.

  4. it might be a last minute job but I love how it turned out - cool map fold :)

    and I laughed at the bit about the boring cats :)

    I'm currently struggling with an art house co-op project too - the Mystery Project - my theme is "if tomorrow came yesterday" and I have zero ideas....

  5. LOL'ed at your 50 different versions of the cat photo :) Your feet turned out to be good stand-ins, though...and I LOVE your pop-out card.

  6. Fantastic feet and of course I loe the peek of the adoring pooch waiting for you to get the leash. Cat's are good at boring, don't they just want to be left alone to do their own thing anyway. Great photo essay!!! xox

  7. I dunno... I like the progression of the feets over the course of the day!

  8. I think the feet was a great idea, and I bet no one else did it! And I love the clever fold... Good for you not to give up!

  9. Seat of your pants...haha! Absolutely! I do some of my best stuff at the last minute! Looks like you do some pretty darn good stuff that way, too :)

  10. I think that is pretty cool! Great job!

  11. You function much as I do - on a deadline. When there's a deadline, I'm all over it - otherwise, procrastinate, procrastinate! That's an amazing fold out doodad - where's the tutorial?!