Wednesday, May 30, 2012

you can do this

Okay, I know I've already gone on and on about how much I love the index-card-a-day challenge at Daisy Yellow and how it all starts again Friday and I CAN'T WAIT.  
I know.
I'll try not to repeat myself.
But I keep bumping into people who kinda want to do this but are afraid.

so I'm here to say, shut up.
you can do this.
it's an index card for crying out loud.  not a masterpiece.  
and sure, I made some cards last summer that I really love:

but I also made some that were less than stellar.  that were "quick-get-it-done cards." 
some were downright ugly.  
it's not the point.

I'm going to show you some of my "I'm too tired/not inspired" cards
even the ones that aren't pretty make me smile when I see them because they make me remember.

my very first card!

made around midnight in desperation

put my hand on the copier

picked up a scrap of Max's drawings

spatters and words

rubber stamp and messy writing over messy paint

actual nail polish.  this one cracks me up.

this one cracks me up too.  took about a minute.

lists are a perfectly acceptable way to use a card

I was working on something else and had lots of paint left on my palette.  did a crappy job with the rubber stamps.  oh well.

Cut up some extra painted paper from a different project.  and I like the way it came out.  but it's still just scraps of paper on an index card, y'know?

more leftover scraps put to use

circles made with water color crayons and smudged.

this is loose.
this is casual.
this is fun.
make something small every day for two months.
don't over think it.
share it.
because it's not about being "good enough"
you're just fine.
go here and read about it.

or go here and see what people posted in the flickr group

now go dig out the index cards.

you can do this

see you there.


  1. Maybe. Okay? Maybe.

    Got your book in the mail today. Thank you so much!!

  2. I'm so excited to participate in this. ALL of your index cards are lovely.

  3. Okay, twist my arm. I'm going to do it! I just put her link on my blog. I'm not a joiner usually but this will hopefully keep my creative ju ju flowing.

  4. you are almost persuading me.... I usually shy away from "do something every day" things as I know I can't.... but maybe......hmmmm.......this Friday you say? like tomorrow?

  5. I'm in! Wheee!!!

    You are an inspiration... I love how free & loose you are (and so, so, SO creative... and funny)!


  6. You know I'm in....and I think a lot of people are 'scared' off by the every day thing. But you know, it's not set in stone, it's not life changing if you miss a day, it's what works for you in your schedule and life. The idea behind something fun like this is to keep us creating, keep exercising that right brain and mostly to have fun. Have kids? Do it with them! My stack of blank cards is sitting on my worktable, ready.

  7. Okay you convinced me....I love Daisy Yellow's site so I might as well jump in. I am not sure shut up is a proper teaching term however, but it works for me. Have to check out the new mail swap site and stick it up on my blog too!!! xox

  8. I'm in. Hoping to meet some new creative people too.

  9. I love love love Max's drawings. I love your artful ones too, but he's got you beat in spades. Except the popsicle was kinda cute too. But nothing near Max's masterpieces in miniature.

  10. your cards are awesome...and love the 'kick-in-the-pants' you gave us! we all need that sometimes. adorable drawings from little budding artists...

  11. Hi Karen,
    Once again I've taken your advice:)
    I joined ICAD and am loving it!