Sunday, May 27, 2012

of books and winners

It's giveaway day!  

48 of you left lovely comments on my last post and most of you were able to say at least one nice thing about yourself.  And since I kept making more little books all week, we have a total of TEN winners.  That's how much I like you guys.  and how much I like making books.

I see all of these as "blank" books.  Books that I hope you use for journals or notes or scraps or lists.  Books I fully expect you to add to with more paint and glue and paper and markers.

First name out of the hat was Jez!!!
She wins this little duct tape journal filled with my painted papers:


This next duct tape journal goes to my favorite Salamander Dreamer, Amy.

this next one goes to Andria:

The next one goes to Jill Eudaly

This funny little junk journal goes to Lisa Wright which seems very fitting since she is the leader of the messy book group, and this book is full of all kinds of weird bits and scraps.

This piano hinge book goes to Sunshine Shelle.  The cover is hand painted, and the pages are a variety of yummy handmade (but not made by me) papers.

This next one's a blank notepad made from shipping tags, and it goes to Jaime

Here's another little blank note pad, heading out to Julia (aka Pan's daughter)

This wee one goes to Denise Mulligan

and finally, the teeniest of the bunch goes to Carol (aka Bloody Frida)

Thank you all so much for all the lovely comments you left.  It was killing me to not send something to everyone.  I have so many more books I want to make and so many lovely art friends.  I may just have to send out some surprises in the coming months....



  1. Woo-hoo, lucky me!! Thank you. :-)

  2. Piano hinged book is so so sooooo cool!!!! I love them all, but the piano hinged is totally gorgeous... now I have to do something special in it, how exciting & a huge THANK YOU!!!

  3. Wheeeeeee!!! I'm so excited :) Thank you so very much. I love handmade books and I will use it, I promise.

  4. Wow! So awesome, Karen. Thank you for the opportunity to receive one of your amazing books! What a talent you have, to create books in so many different sizes and styles.

  5. that book was made for me! my house is blue and white...I have blue trees painted on my white walls. All the book are just beautiful!
    thanks so much.

  6. Those are some seriously wonderful books -- you are generous as well as talented. Congrats to the winners!

  7. Woohoo! Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. It is absolutely beautiful! Thank you! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  8. Oh man! I was liking my chances at the beginning of this post....haha! I was wondering why I didn't get an email from you ;P

    Congrats to your lucky winners....these are just so awesome, Karen!

  9. In addition to being super cool and super funny, you are super generous!


  10. fonge bob!!! I love it :)

    hello favorite artist of mine. I didn't enter, so didn't win but that's okay because I have your mail art hanging in my studio! woot !!

    hugs, jess

  11. Oh Wow!!! I won I won! Yeeee Haaaa!

    Seriously, these books look so incredible. I cannot wait to get my shipping tag note pad and fill it up with cool little drawings. Thank you Karen!

    xx Jaime

  12. Ooh la la to all your recipients these are so much fun! xox

  13. i am over the moon impressed with the piano hinge book.

    that is not to say that they aren't all really rad, but i don't think i've ever seen a piano hinge book (except in book making books, and let's face it - superhuman book binders make those books)


  14. I have no idea how I missed this, but I'm gloriously happy that you linked it to today's post. What a lovely treat for the eyes and the book-loving heart. Thanks sooo much!