Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Artist's Way Bookclub

I've been hearing people talk about "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron for a year now.  I finally checked it out of the library a few months ago, and was intrigued enough to buy myself a used copy.  I read the introduction and started the practice of "morning pages" but then let the book sit by my bedside unread.  Until the lovely Jess Brogan from In Search of Dessert, started the Artist's Way Bookclub.  Jess plans to cover one chapter per month, and since there are 12 chapters, we'll be working on this together all year.  In addition to reading the chapter and doing the exercises in the book, Jess is suggesting weekly prompts (both writing and art prompts) and has started a facebook group where people can privately discuss their experience.  It's only week two and you can still join us.  Jess will add new members through the end of the month and then close the group to keep it relatively small - allowing us to develop relationships over the year and build a safe network of support.  

Go here to read more and sign up for the newsletter.
Go here to request to join the facebook group.

Meanwhile, as part of week one, Jess encouraged us to find or create an image of your "personal creativity bouquet" in the state it is in right now.

Here's mine:
My creativity right now is an abundant and unruly patch of wildflowers on the side of the road.  Varied, unplanned, easily swayed, still in danger of being mowed down, but resilient.  Creeping out of every crack and crevice, even in lousy conditions.  Beautiful, lush, crazy, and growing all the time.


  1. I hope this new post means you are feeling A LOT better now, karen.

  2. I like the idea but am not on Facebook (and maybe am overextended anyway at the moment, or right on the line, anyway). Love your patch of flowers, Karen.

  3. Love all the luscious comments about the patch of beauty...:D

  4. I hear the mojo in your words, wonderful,way to descibe how you are so alive in your making. xox

  5. I LOVE how you describe your creativity...

  6. I identify with lots of your description of creativity though couldn't have said it half as well. You're an inspiration - you seem to have come back from your health scare with a renewed determination and commitment to creativity. Good for you. Hope the good feelings quickly extend to your health so you can keep on sharing and spreading the love.

  7. I love your bouquet. I am doing this as well. I have had the book for ages, but so far have never managed to get past chapter 5. I am ever hopeful this will the time that changes! :)