Saturday, July 21, 2012

this and that

In these weeks of not feeling quite like myself, my attention span is scattered and my energy sporadic. But I haven't completely stopped making art.  I'm just a lot less organized about it.
So here's a bunch of random stuff I haven't posted yet:

 Six bookmarks for a swap with the FreakWerx group

Two postcards for the Parabolic Muse bookmark swap:
cutouts layered over my own marbled paper

Here's a bunch of index cards.  I came to a grinding halt after July 5th.  stressed over it for a while, then gave myself permission to be done if I wanted.
ICAD 6/28/12  - messing about with a cosmetic sponge and the cap to my lipbalm 

ICAD 6/29/12  - repeated the above motif and added more stamps and circles

ICAD 6/30/12  - this was the color scheme for summer of color that week. (another project I gave myself permission to let go of) washi tape and paint and magazine clipping

ICAD 7/2/12 -  excellent advice on a very tired night.  created with portfolio pastels and water and ink

ICAD 7/3/12  - continuing to play with image transfers after my RISD class, embellished with gel pens and something else

ICAD 7/4/12  - my take on fireworks.  metallic ink over black gesso

ICAD 7/5/12 - cards stamped with gesso, rubbed with pan pastels, torn and glued together and covered with patterned tape
That's where I stopped.  But if I count the big pile of aborted and never finished backgrounds, I've got a whopping 24 more cards for the collection.  Maybe I'll do something with them yet.  Or maybe I'll just stamp retroactive dates on them and call it done.

This next painting was another swap for FreakWerx.
The object was to find a thrift store painting and add a monster, inspired by this link
I found this poorly cut canvas smooshed into a cheap wooden frame at a church rummage sale for a quarter.  I added the three spidery looking things.

Next up:  some postcards for Gina's resident mail call
this is a really worthy ongoing project and I strongly encourage  you to participate

good heavens.  this is already much longer than I expected, and there's more I haven't shown.
I'll spare you and try to keep my mojo going for another post tomorrow.


  1. No one would ever know your energy was flagging looking at this post!!

  2. I agree with PamelaArtsin SF!! Wow would've thunk your attention and energy weren't 100%?!? This post is AWESOME!

  3. Wonderful bunch of art!!! Can't wait to see what you do when your energy is back.

  4. Can I say prolific. Insect tags are great, cutout bookmarks ultra chic, and paint, humor and more paint. Yum. xox

  5. One of these afternoons, I am going to sit down and right down all these cool groups that you post to. I always want to do this...

  6. Wow, you have been busy. I love those cutout bookmarks.

  7. I LOVE your art! Thank you for sharing & hope you are feeling better.

  8. Wow! You've been busy!! I really like those cut-out bookmarks and the gesso stamped ICAD plus you have so many great backgrounds. I'm sure you'll come up with ways to finish them.

  9. Truly 'Wow', Karen. Your output is phenomenal. I love them all,but the spidery-monsters........well I'm not going there for my vacation. I hereby transfer my former nic-name of The White Tornado to you - because you must be a power-house on full blast of fitness. Look forward to seeing that, s all good wishes for returning good health.

  10. As has already been said - WOW, there's a lot of arting there, girl!

    Giving ourselves permission to back out of things is one of the biggest own-made hurdles. I gave up Darcy's Postcard Challenge, but I still can't help but feel a little bit guilty about it. The commitment was just too high.

    I mentioned you and your wonderful zine giveaway prize in my latest blog post......


  11. terrific bunch of the postcards and the 'monsters' in the painting! and you know...those index cards can be finished after July is over, whenever you feel the urge...maybe make them into mail art. enjoy the rest of your summer & Have fun!

  12. Karen, you are Amazing and Awesome - don't forget to take care of YOU first!
    We'll always be here for you, and whenever you have the energy to blog (being a non-blogger (presently), I don't know how you do it!).
    Thank you SOOOOO much again for posting my MailArt Call, and looking forward to the pieces whenever they arrive.

  13. Even on your "tired" days you exhaust me ;P
    The monster redo turned out great!!

  14. You are amazing... Truly.
    I hope you are feeling better and taking care of yourself!
    I am so glad you gave yourself permission to let things go :)
    I am in love with the idea of painting monsters on thrift store paintings!!! (I bet you never would have guessed that! Ha!)

    Take it easy, rest, and keep laughing :)


  15. If this is how you produce when energy is flagging, I'm jealous! Love those bookmarks (thanks for mine - it made my day!) and I too had to let go of SOC and ICAD a just took over and I flat ran out of time/energy. My houseguest leaves in a couple days and I plan on catching up on my MMSA pieces and also sending some to Gina (I'd marked her site earlier with good intentions so this is a good reminder). Take care of yourself!

  16. I hope you're feeling better, and proud of all that lovely art you produced. And I'm so happy you recognized what you needed and allowed yourself to stop the ICAD challenge - art should be to enrich ourselves, not to stress us out with guilt. I struggle with that too...

  17. are you sure you slowed down??? I can't keep up! very nice art!

  18. Beautiful Karen. What an inspiration you are. When I'm not feeling well I crawl into bed under the covers and wait for life to start again. I need to follow your example. I love all the bookmarks especially. What a fabulous collection of work you've compiled. Marissa

  19. OMG. I can't believe I haven't been here in a week. My priorities are completely whack!
    I will have to coe back, though, because my browser is not loading things properly and everything's not up. What I can see, however, is pretty, and of course, I know how awesome your bookmarks for my swap are. I had a specific request for one of yours, and I said, of course, that I was keeping them both. I'm not stupid.
    Thank you for the shout out. And if anyone deserves and have reason to walk on air about her fabulous contributions to this wonderful arty world, it's you. Thanks for bringing me back into swapland!


    p.s. that's SWAP land. I don't have any more swampland, thank God.

  20. Wow! Love the bookmarks. Stunning.

    You have been so busy, you make me feel a bit tired. Love the postcards.

  21. These are all wonderful . I'm glad you've slowed down just a wee bit to take care of yourself so you can get up and create more neat stuff.

  22. These icads really look good. Great texture on all of them. :)

  23. I have to say... I just photographed your moth tag to present on a future post, and the photos don't do them justice. I love the layery yumminess of your work.

    Of course, I'm going to claim I made them. But who wouldn't?

  24. Had a similar experience with ICAD this go around. Felt kind of bad but I was still creating daily and that was the point of ICAD for me this Summer. So then I didn't feel so bad. Looks like your been up to great things as always. I'm sure we will find something to do with our stash of started card too!