Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quick plug for my swap group

I'm feeling very proud of myself for finally designing a button for the "Mail Me Some Art" blog and then learning how to add the code to the blog so that other people can copy the button onto their blogs.

The MMSA site is starting to take off.  We've completed 3 swaps so far, and photos of everyone's art is posted regularly on the blog.

Our next swap is a post card swap with the theme "Favorite Song"
Postcards must be mailed to me by Saturday July 21.
Click here for the swap details.

And I'll be adding more swaps for August in the next few days.
Visit the blog any time and click on the tab that says "Active Swaps"

I really hope some of you will consider swapping.  This is not an exclusive club.  These swaps are open to EVERYONE, regardless of your style or experience or confidence.  Don't go thinking you're not good enough.  You are.  This is a group that likes to have fun making and sharing art.  It's a place to meet some wonderful people, exchange formally through the organized swaps, or just join into the "informal mail art exchange".

Stop by.  Grab a button.  Spread the word.
Your mailbox will thank you.


  1. I'd just love to be in this... but not this time. Pity... am being distracted for a while by other projects.

  2. Go you. Designing a button is very grown up and professional! :D

  3. I'm so irritated that I just got here, when this button has been sitting here to look at this whole time! I remember when I was looking for the swap group it took me awhile to find it. Now it's bookmarked, but with this button here, ZOWIE! Now I'll be up to date!

    I won't have time to do the 21st, but I'm going to check out your future.
    I mean, I've already read your future. It involves a tall dark stranger.