Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mail Art Call

The completely awesome, funny, and talented mail artist, GinaVisione is putting out the call for mail art to be sent to hospital residents in San Francisco on a monthly basis.  If you love making postcards as much as I do, consider participating in Gina's project and bringing a whole lot of cheer to some folks in desperate need of it.
Here are the details, direct from Gina:
Monthly MailArt Call for Rehabilitation and Long Term Care Hospital Residents  (125+ requests and growing!)
I have the wonderful opportunity to send MailArt to adult, long term skilled nursing rehabilitation patients and long term care residents in a very large hospital in San Francisco.  Every day, all efforts are made to make their daily experience as enjoyable as possible, despite significant changes in their health and life. 

A trial of MailArt postcards was provided to the recipients via a “Kids to Work Day” kids group in the Spring of 2012, and the residents are reporting that they really liked getting something beautiful in the mail!!

Will you help to keep this wonderful MailArt momentum going?  Can you help by sending me as many postcards as you would love to share, and hopefully on an ongoing basis (give yourself extra pats on the back every time you do it!!! :D).  Museum, etc. cards are fine too!

OK, if you choose this fabulous mission, here are your instructions:
  • 5 x7 maximum size postcards only, please
  • Correct U.S. postage amount for the size/shape/thickness of the postcard – I will not be adding any postage on any postcards
  • large, blank address space  (minimum 2.5” x 3”)
  • sent to me in an envelope, for me to address and send
o   please write “Resident MailArt” or something similar on the envelope, so I know what it is for!  (Thanks!) 
  •  high contrast, bright colors and images are predominant theme
  •  Positive or neutral images and artwork (no negativity, nudes, politics, religion please) – final decision for appropriateness will be up to me….
  • Minimal words, unless it is part of book text, etc. used in backgrounds
o   Spanish, Russian, Chinese text or symbols welcome too!
o   World postage in the MailArt is wonderful too!

Please send as many as you would like/can spare!  This will likely be a constant, long-running project with hopes to send postcards to all recipients every month, or likely every other month (based on the total amount of cards I receive, which will be held until I have enough to send to all recipients at once).

You all rock.  Thank you for being such wonderful MailArt inspirations for the past year +.  I hope you can join me in this endeavor :D.  Here’s my address and email:

165 ½ Chattanooga St.
San Francisco, CA  94114-3438   (FYI, I check email 1-2x/week …)


  1. What a great cause - she'll get some from me!

  2. Wonderful project we should take it all over. xox

  3. How wonderful! What a GREAT idea:)

  4. GREAT! it...will be sending to this cause.
    Thanks, Gina! An artful idea that should be picked up around the globe.

  5. Is this project still ongoing? I'm interesting in participating or beginning a version in my neighborhood. Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately she had to wrap it up at the end of 2013 and isn't taking any more mail.