Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bring on the bling

create the worst, gaudiest, tackiest art journal page in the universe.

Here's mine:
Time to sparkle!

This was so much fun!!!!

I stumbled upon two pages in an old sketchbook that I had used to test some cheap shimmery paint.
As we used to say in high school, it was FUGLY.
What better place to start?
I wish you could see this in person, this puppy shines.

I plowed through my stash for things I own but don't really use because they no longer reflect my style.
We've got glitter glue, regular glitter, shiny embossed butterflies, silvery metal wings, silver star confetti, blue sparkly fun foam, smiley face ribbon, silver star garland, scrapbooking embellishments, bronze lumiere paint, glimmer mist.

 I am laughing myself silly in the studio.
Just when I think I'm done I come with another idea of what to add.
I crack myself up over and over again.

It was completely liberating to set out with the intention of making something ugly.  No worrying about the blank page, no critic in the head telling me it sucks.
Pure silliness.
I'm still giggling.  I'm downright giddy.

You need to try this.
Link up your entry to Daisy Yellow by Saturday the 23rd.
and get ready to have a blast.


  1. It looks like you had fun, might have to give it a try

  2. This is great. I love that big old "SPARKLE"... that cracks me up! I can really hear you giggling as I read it:D

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha, what a brilliant challenge!!!! Lmao I love your page too Karen, you can see how much fun you had playing with it sweetie, tee hee what a giggle and so glad you shared, thank-you.
    HUgs x

  4. Lovin' the butterflies, sister!
    Got your card the other day. Cracked me up! :-)

  5. Yes, but the worrying thing is I have seen more than a few pages like this in the further reaches of blogdom. Enjoyable post, Karen. XX

  6. How fun! I can see how liberating it would be - and nice to be able to do it in an old sketch book too. Gave me a good laugh this morning!

  7. This is more than fun and quite wonderful. Tacky can be great. I don't see any reason for "worrying" about someone enjoying creating art and having fun.

  8. sweet! I have to try the Gelli plates, they turned out fab!

  9. This is a really fun page, and I love that little cowgirl.....not tacky at all just over the top glitter goodness. xox

  10. Wasn't this ridiculously fun? I loved it so much. So much fun as I got to use things that have been taking up space but never used! Love this page of yours. So over the top! :)

  11. Wow. I LOVE this. I wonder if I know what's ridiculous and tacky and gaudy? Maybe I think it's beautiful?!?

    I know. I'll make one of my 'beautiful' journal spreads and send it over to Tammy

  12. That is some glittery goodness! Glad you had such a great time!! xx

  13. Ha! Even just the word "sparkle" makes me laugh...what a fun challenge!