Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I have this pile of about 50 pieces of unanswered mail.
It lurks in the corner of the studio, whispering insults about my character.

In spite of this, (or perhaps because of this) I am perversely drawn to work on anything BUT my mail.  

The only good part about not responding to mail is that my incoming has slowed to a trickle, and the pile isn't growing.  The word stagnant comes to mind.

But this morning, I sat down and wrote. 
The deadline for the international postcard swap got me going, and the momentum continued.
In addition to the postcards for the swap, I wrote seven cards to mail art friends, proclaiming that I am finally coming out of my mail slump.  I'm not sure I believed it as I wrote it, but it seemed like putting it in writing would help.

I drove to the post office, dropped them in the box outside, and then went in to check my PO Box.
It was packed.
I assumed it would all be MMSA items, and International PC Swap partners.

There was some of that.
But there were also SEVEN pieces of totally unexpected (one might say undeserved) personal mail.

Did you catch that?  In the span of 60 seconds I dropped seven pieces of personal mail in one box, and pulled seven pieces of personal mail out of another.

I am truly humbled.

Thoughts become things.

The slump is over.


  1. Yea! I love it when I come out of an art slump. I'm sure you'll be doing even more mailings and your mailbox will be stuffed again. But isn't snail mail fun?

    Those bathing beauties are great!!

  2. I also had a full box yesterday and just LOVED it. I did finally break down and make a pocket folder to hold my received mail until I'd responded because I kept misplacing it...then couldn't remember if I'd responded. Figured out a system now I just need to work the system! :) Welcome back - mail art always brings a smile!

  3. Well I adore the bathing capped ladies and the fly, Jeff Goldblum in all his glory comes to mind! Glad the slump is over. xox

  4. It's hard to stay in a slump when you have so much art goodness surrounding you everywhere you look.. even in your PO box.. welcome back!!!

  5. You sent seven out and got seven in? Uh oh....
    But no worries...some people think mail should just be sent out into the world with no expectations....

  6. oh I love when that type of thing happens!!

  7. Reading this post perversely makes me want to send you more things. ;-)

  8. Hee, hee! I'm with Lynn. I always love the colors in your work but I'm also digging the brown card.

  9. Oh, you're just so loved Karen! Lucky lady! xx

  10. Love all these paintings/collages, and the colours you used.

  11. YOU!! Make this happen!!
    You got me out of my slumps more than once. I just sent out my cards and I feel so elated when it comes together. You DESERVE!

  12. Good for you, and I find the longer we stay in these art slumps, the longer it takes to get out. You did it and the universe rewarded you!

    Love these postcards - especially #5 & #6-so quirky and so you! And the 3rd one, love those blobby cell looking circles, very cool.

  13. "Be quiet, Skip, and listen me"...Hilarious!!!

  14. Snail mail IS so much fun especially, the unexpected kind. The first and last ones are my favorites.

  15. You do like to be busy...and the results of your endeavour are amazing, both outgoing and incoming.

  16. I feel the pain of you slump, I've been in one for a while. Like you I think I need a project with a deadline. A jump start!

  17. Congrats on getting through the slump, and for getting so much wonderful mail art. Cut yourself a's a new year. Don't try to "catch up" or you will drive yourself crazy. Declare a fresh start, and try to stay caught up from here on out. Just my two cents! :-)