Monday, February 11, 2013

Limited resources

I'm having no trouble keeping up with the 365 collage challenge, but I'm behind on posting pictures of them.
Funny how the blog posts I write in my head don't ever get published.
This week I got a big fat envelope of paper and ephemera from Switzerland.
Every bit of paper on these three collages came out of that.
I really enjoy the challenge of creating collage from a limited set of supplies.

And here are a few more I did with the papers I got from La Wendula's junk journal paper swap:

And speaking of limited resources, there's another collage-sheet challenge going on at Mail Me Some Art.  Mandy supplied this great collage sheet for us to use for postcards.


Tomorrow I'll show you what I've done with it.


  1. Looks like you are having so much fun! The last 2 are my favorites :)

  2. Wow, I'm gonna start calling you Karen Scissorhands. Great collages!

  3. Lots going on, youare so productive. It's interesting to see how your work has changed over time. Great collages. I like the black and white.

  4. Glad you are finding the creative energy to make the collages even if you aren't posting them all. Great papers....xox

  5. Super collages, Karen.

    In my head I respond to all my emails, texts and letters. I send birthday cards and am so polite and thank friends and family for gifts. So, in my head, job done - unfortunately I usually forget to actually do these things.


  6. These all look great but I love the simplicity of the first one...just black and white.

  7. Hi Karen, lol random as this may be I have nominated you for a Liebster award (hope you don't mind?), my blog has the details if you are interested in accepting it my lovely.
    Hugs x

  8. What? I appear to have missed something here. 365 collages? Wow! That's some challenge, but good for your for accepting. I must visit more regularly - especially as what you are creating is so darn good!

  9. Fantastic collages Karen! I really love the tones of the second one. You've inspired me to give black and white a try (between the one here and your winter whites the other day). Glad you're still going strong on the challenge too! xx

  10. I am a pro at writing posts in my head! This made me laugh. I can write 3 or 4 and then realise I have actually written none on the actual computer.

    You are so busy productive!