Friday, February 22, 2013

Triptych update

Thanks to everyone who left suggestions and feedback on what to do with these pieces:

I made some color copies of them so I could play around - tried Jill's suggestion of cutting them and patchworking them into a single piece, tried Jen's suggestion of adding a word that spans all three pieces, tried covering them with different washes, and laying them on different backgrounds.
I wasn't getting any closer to making a decision.

It was Terri's comment about found objects and "something on long stalks" that made me grab these dried fronds that sit in a vase in my studio.  Suddenly I felt inspired.
Here's where it stands right now:

At the moment it's just taped down to a piece of shiny black poster board (hence the reflection on the left side), but I really like the overall effect. 

I took the plunge and glued the fronds to the collage.
No more waffling.  
Commitment is good.
It is currently taped to the dining room wall, and this is probably where it will stay for a long time.  One wouldn't want to rush the choosing of a more suitable mat and frame. 
We'll call it judicious waiting rather than procrastination.

Anyway, your comments were so very helpful.
Sometimes I'm great about responding to comments, but this was not one of those times.
I do not wish to appear ungrateful.
Your presence here means an awful lot to me.


  1. Oooo I like it. It has a certain Asian Prairie Fusion feel to me. Hah! I just made up a new genre ;-P

  2. I'm so excited my suggestion worked for you - that made my day! They turned out great, just what I was visualizing - I can't wait to see the final product (someday!)

  3. You are inspiring me to run to my studio and make ART!!!
    Thank you :) Sometimes I get in a rut and need a little push.
    I haven't visited for sometime now, but wanted to invited you over to put your name in the hat for my current Give-Away.
    I would be honored to have you follow me back . . . you are an inspiration :)
    Have a marvelous weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. How clever of Terri (and you, for seeing what she meant) to add natural material like long stalks/fronds. It was inspired, and it's amazing how it brings it all to life as a complete work. I could do with a resident Terri to give me that nudge sometimes.
    Great work Karen.

  5. I love those fronds, we have them too and they are so textural and pull all the colors out from the pieces......xox

  6. Nicely done! I love the 3-D additions and how the fronds take some of the pieces outside their edges. (Thanks again for the beautiful postcard!! xx)

  7. just perfect! I find framing art work a chore. It can be a huge investment and sometimes when it's said and done I am not thrilled with it. Your piece stands so well on it's own, maybe a simple frame. . . when you find the time! (grin) Can't wait to see what you do next!

  8. Perfect solution! Like everyone else, I really like the addition of dimension and the colors look like a good complement. No need to rush into framing anything :)

  9. I think it's so neat that you made copies to try out various outcomes before making a decision for the "real deal"...that takes a real sense of dedication to the project, and I admire that!