Friday, September 6, 2013

August was...

...."Put a Capybara On It" month.
(among other things.)
and since I somehow managed NOT to blog for the entire month, there is much to share.
There's no way I'm squeezing everything I did this month into one post, so we'll start with the Capybaras.

Gina set the theme for this month for a small group of mail art friends.  There was an official Capybara themed swap, due by month's end, but many group members got in the spirit of the theme and sent Capybara postcards willy-nilly to everyone in their mail circles.
My PLAN was to submit one card as my official swap entry and to join the Capy-frenzy for everyone else.  I pictured dozens of rodents-of-unusual-size flying out of my studio.
But in my typical seat-of-the-pants fashion, I waited until the last possible second to get started, which means my Capy celebration ended up happening in September instead of August.
Thankfully my swap partner was my dear friend and (swap host herself) Gina, and she forgave me my procrastinating ways.
The problem was, I'd run dry.
All good ideas had evaporated.
I was panicking.

It took me almost a week, but I finally came up with 3 cards, which I didn't really even like that much, and since I felt so bad for being late on my swap I sent them ALL to Gina. (cuz three crappy cards are better than one?)

(okay, I actually kinda like this one)

The backgrounds are made from gelatin-printed cereal boxes, created in a frenetic burst last weekend.
The critter images came from google, and the text and other pictures came from a stack of Fortune magazines from the 40s (scored at an antiques store on vacation!)
Tonight I sat with the rest of the backgrounds (and the same Fortune magazines) with visions of something else entirely, but I couldn't get Capybaras out of my head.  It's been a stressful week, so I decided not to fight the rodent-muse.

Here's the capybara continuation...

I think I finally found my Capybara groove.
I wonder where it will end?
There's been a lot of giggling in the studio tonight.
Stress has evaporated.
It's good to be back.


  1. How lovely to have your rib-tickling humour back again. I kept thinking, that's my favourite, then, no that one - no that one, etc etc.
    You've given me such a laugh on what is a difficult day, and I'm so glad you are back. XXX

  2. It's so nice to see a post of yours again. I missed you this month! Love the capy-cards!

  3. You had me laughing over a couple of these. Sometimes a dry spell just means you're gearing up to come back even better than ever. I think that's what happened to you.

  4. Yippee!!! The Capybara love has melted your cares away. How can we not love these wacky creatures? So when are we planning the Capybara farm visit? :D
    These are freakin' hilarious. You stole all the good ideas, so now I don't have to do anymore :D, and OMG, THREE - you know that wasn't necessary, but I can't wait to make all my Capy mailart into arti-stamps to share with the participants :D!! Stay tuned....

  5. hahahahahaa! Fun stuff! thanks for the share..

  6. Too funny! I'm soooo excited to see you Saturday! :)

  7. Too funny. I actually like those huge rodents, they are fascinating and you have made them even more so! LOL xox

  8. I am reveling in the "Oversized-Rodent-Themed" Goodness! I too must Celebrate this very "Under-Heralded" Holiday! Let us all Join Hands and sing Large-rodent-related songs as we create amazing Capybara Memorabilia! Huzaaah!

  9. Absolutely hilarious, Karen!! You may do things last-minute, but whatta way to go!! I loved them all.

  10. I've missed your weirdly twisted view of the world! :) These are funny and it's so nice to have you posting again....looking forward to more and more!

  11. Hahahah oh my god this is amazing. PUT A CAPYBARA ON IT! I'm going to get it trending on Twitter. ;-)

  12. These are all hilarious! Your mail art always gives me a good chuckle or two.

  13. It's wonderful to have you and your amazing sense of humour back my friend! Oh what fun!! xx