Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Though it's only been three weeks, vacation is already starting to feel like a distant memory.  The frantic pace of the new school year has me tense and tired, but a few minutes of looking at my vacation pictures slows my heart-rate and reminds me that life will not always be this crazy.

I spent the last two weeks of August in this house:

Looking at these views:

and laughing with these people:

There was daily swimming and many attempts at synchronized diving:

hours spent searching for treasure in junk shops:

(and here's one of my scores)

There was kayaking (once someone helped me get off the shore)
(can you see my pouty face?)

 and campfires:

and swimming in the pitch black so that we could lay on the raft and look at the stars
(only my beloved 17 year old niece could have talked me into that one.  It was COLD.  and did I mention DARK?)

There was this totally awesome ropes course.
(and yes, I did it too, even though that's Max in the picture)

There were jigsaw puzzles, and board games, and lots of homemade cookies, and the occasional (hahaha) glass of wine:
(washi tape is very useful for remember which wine glass is yours)
 There was lake-side letter writing:

and postcard writing on the deck in my pajamas:

The 95 postal ATCs for the "Mail Me Some Art" swap were sorted and packaged on the picnic table:

and there was ART!
I claimed this little entry way for myself.  Brought my own card table, and 2 big bags of supplies.
There was an absolute flurry of creativity.

I finally had time to make this prototype of a tri-fold ATC for an MMSA swap:
(inspired by my surroundings)

Tomorrow I'll show you some of the postcards I made.
Tonight I'm going to close my eyes and dream of Maine.


  1. Thanks for the glimpse. Sorry things are so hectic. Deep breaths. Lovely art.

  2. Absolutely wonderful! Looks like a fabulous tine -- keep it strong in your memory. Xo

  3. What a gorgeous place. Thanks for sharing--seeing these photos calmed me down too!

  4. Looks like you had a lovely vacation! So pretty! I know what you mean about school time being hectic. I never imagined that as a grandmother, school time would be a problem for me but with my grandson coming every day after school, my day now ends at 2:30! Bah. I miss summer too!

  5. Sounds good, great stash of stamps, what a haul....Looks like an idyllic dream of a place and I bet that water was cold. Nothing in Maine ever warms up.....It would be hard to leave....xox

  6. Oh, yes, I can see why you would want to spend LOTS of time dreaming of Maine...what gorgeous views! And I love that you had time with family, and time for art. And I'm so glad that not great big gust of wind came by with all those ATCs out on the table...whew! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh Karen, I can't imagine a much better vacation!

  8. Now I "see\" where you wrote MY letter. What an amazing place. LUCKY! Looks like a sandy beach, too. Lakes are the BEST, aren't they?

  9. What a wonderful time and place! I hope it stays with you for a while longer. Thank you for writing my gorgeous postcard while sitting on your gorgeous deck! xx

  10. The trees are starting to change their colors now...

  11. If I had to write a description of a perfect vacation getaway, this would be it. It sounds ideal, idyllic, restful but energizing. So much to inspire - from natural beauty to the beauty of friends and family - thanks for sharing.

    1. It really was perfect for the way we all like to vacation. And to add to all the wonderfulness, we had 13 (out of 14) days of sunshine. couldn't have asked for better.

  12. mmm. sounds like the perfect vacation. where in Maine??

    1. We were in Bridgton - about an hour Northwest of Portland.