Sunday, September 8, 2013

Collaborative Square Art

Here's a fun thing I did recently - I created a 12"x12" collage of concentric squares, cut it into 4 pieces, kept one square for myself, and mailed the other three squares to my swap partners.
In turn, I received 6"x6" pieces of similar collages from 3 different artists, with the intention of putting the four squares together to make a new piece of art.

Here's one corner of the piece I created from hand-painted papers and washi tape:

Like a dope, I forgot to take a picture of the entire 12"x12" collage before I cut it up and sent it out, so here's a crappy simulation to give you the general idea:
(This is just that one square digitally duplicated and rotated.  The original was made as a single piece and so everything lined up quite nicely)

Here are the pieces I received:
from Carroll

from Donnalee

from Steph

 and here are the four pieces all together.
 Fun, huh?

Many thanks to Steph for coming up with the idea and hosting the swap.


  1. Great swap idea and I love the final piece.

  2. Such a cool idea. And I love the four pieces altogether.

  3. How fun was this? Loved it! Love all the squares:)

  4. I love this idea! Would you ever consider hosting this as a collaborative art postcard swap? Send the 4 cards in an envelope then the receivers would return the finished cards to the originators naked in the mail. It could even be a diptych postcard swap if 4 seemed overwhelming...

    1. I think we could do something like this on MMSA. I'll mull it over.

  5. Nice "paper" collage of everyone's pieces. You could make a wall quilt if you kept going...xox

  6. interesting collaborative piece. It will be interesting to see the completed square when you receive the other three pieces. It makes me think of a log cabin pattern quilt.

  7. What a fun idea, and all four squares are so creative!

  8. hey! That's really neat!! I agree with Jez. It's a lot like a quilt pattern.

  9. Yum! That might be fun to try on MMSA, think?

  10. What a nifty idea!! It looks like great fun and makes for one fabulous piece! xx