Saturday, September 21, 2013

Here's what I sent in return

My contribution to the naked mail art swap:  A sock narwhal.

Yup - that's a stuffed narwhal, made out of a sock, sent through the mail without an envelope.
I made an address label out of fabric and stitched it to the belly.  

 It went to the fabulous Katie Cahill in Oregon, who loves narwhals, and who recently put an inflatable unicorn horn on her cat.  I was so glad when I saw she was my partner, because I knew she would appreciate the sock narwhal as much as I do.  I've been loving them ever since Max brought one home from his after-school program last year.  I made them with my older campers this summer, and one keeps me company in the studio.

Since I was in narwhal making mode, I decided I'd mail a second naked one to the fabulous Amy McD in Lousiana, in honor of her birthday.

But first, they had to annoy Jake.

 Here they are, behind the PO counter, ready to start their journey.
I'm happy to say both arrived in perfect shape in just two days.
I love the post office.

and sock narwhals...


  1. i love that photo of them behind the counter in the post office!

  2. You are now officially my hero. I wish to start a "Send a Sock Narwhal through the Mail" will be our leader. Resistance is Futile!

  3. OMG. Hilarious. Great way to start my Sunday. Jake is such a good sport :D

  4. The Post Office must've found them amusing...I do.

  5. I always love a good sock narwhal!

  6. So fun!!! The Post Office workers will get a kick out of that as it travels through the system. Well done!!!

  7. That is totally amazing and so you what can I you. xox

  8. I can so imagine that your postal workers have fun. Since I believe all our mail is sorted by machine in the UK, I don't think the narwhals would arrive intact. They are so funny, and I love the picture of them in the post office. Keeps making me want to say 'Sock it to me!'.

  9. Karen, you are ALWAYS cutting-edge. And this is such a cool use of socks. I'm going to send you all my old socks. I'm sure most of them have been laundered, even though they don't have their mates.

    I smiled about my silly idea to send large jigsaw puzzle pieces through the mail, because once you mentioned it to me, I remembered that I got the idea from YOU! I'm not even going to try getting ahead of you any more. I'm going to walk behind you, especially if you have flip-flops on, and casually forget to stop when you do.

    (didn't have any little sisters)

  10. I would love to hear the conversation these sparked on the way to their destinations!

  11. This is just fantastic! I have no other words. Sock narwhals..ha! xx

  12. Karen, This is fabulous. I have yet to receive anything as unique as this in the mail. I had someone attempt to send me a plastic horse, but it got swallowed up by a postal black hole…I did successfully mail an oven mitt though…