Monday, June 4, 2012

Another convert

In my relentless pursuit to get everyone I know to participate in the Index-card-a-day challenge, I have persuaded my 11 year old son, Max to play along.

He was open and agreeable as he sat down.  Upon finishing his first card he declared his love for all things index-card, begged to stay up late to make more, and has his next 3 cards planned in his head. (hee hee!  my evil plan is working!)

Here's his first: 

And here are mine from the last three days:

A yellow collaged grid to combat a gray day.
(3 prompts in one!)

Aluminum foil fish, rubbed over a mesh bag and colored with Sharpies.

Remnants of weekend post-card making, and a dried fern from the woods behind our house.

This year I'm stamping the date on the back, and jotting down three good things about my day.

Today's three things:
1. homemade guacamole
2. Korean dogwood in full bloom
3. making art with Max

tell me something good about YOUR day.


  1. The best part about your cards is what you are doing with them...journaling the three best things of the day...I just adore that idea, I actually do that myself, and I post about it on Sunday's. It makes life so much more full I think.! I think you're cheating doing three prompts in one ;) Why didn't I think of that? haha. The fish one is totally cool...just something about it I really like. Have fun making more with your son!

  2. I love this idea - so non threatening and a great way to brainstorm art ideas as well as journal moments and share with the children in our lives. Love the cards and will try some with my 7 yo grandson!

  3. Fantastic post!

    Hooray Max - Please tell him I'm so excited to see more of his cards! Yippee!!!

    Wow those fish are super cool! I'm filing that whole foil-rubbing-sharpie-thing away for a later date (When I taught art, I did something similar with foil over dried glue... But I think yours is even cooler!)


    p.s. I'm doin' it, I'm really doin' it! Wheee!!!

    p.p.s. Can you believe all of this crazy enthusiasm spewing from me this morning?!? And I don't even drink coffee! Ha!

  4. good things about my day...reading "I am Rushmore" and watching Rory's stuff get unloaded from the moving truck. Those two things will last me the whole WEEK!!!

    1. mine? in no particular order (other than alpha) . . .

      • Karen
      • Max
      • Nancy

  5. These are way cool. Yay for Max! The fish idea is great.
    I'm focused on this one good thing:
    In three days, school is out and I have the summer OFF :)

  6. Those are three pretty good things to have in any day. Max's icad is great, good for him for jumping in....I like the real fern, nice touch. xox

  7. Welcome aboard to Max - you obviously have more influence on your son than I did with mine at that age; I never could have convinced them to try. I'm also writing on the back of mine but more about technique - I like the idea of listing good things that happened that day....
    Great idea to add the fern - nice touch! (oops I just saw Corrine said that exact thing, so I'll say.... nice way to use what's on hand)

  8. Something good about today... Well my other half had to go to hospital - but the good news was it was just a sprained foot rather than a broken one! Phew!

    Love those fish :)

  9. A good thing about my day ... seeing 'iamrushmore' in my feed list!

  10. Okay, the foil fish are genius... And what a great, positive thing to do with your index cards...

    I am grateful for my boyfriend who had a bouquet of flowers waiting for me in my car this morning when I got in to go to work...

  11. Your cards look great, and I love that you son is participating so enthusiastically! What a great idea you have to record three good things about your day on the back...what a great record of your summer!!

  12. Love that the boy has joined in with enthusiasm! Wish I had someone to talk into playing with me. Those fish are excellent, great technique! The last card with the fern would be so pretty framed. One good thing that happened today was an impromptu hike with my visiting sister, nieces, and nephew (who says fresh air is overrated, but enjoyed himself).

  13. Watching what comes out of a child's mind can be so fascinating! I'm so glad you both are having fun!!
    Love your fern card!

    ....and as for a good thing about today....found a new pair of sandals with extra padding for lots of window shopping :)

  14. so cool your sons card! love that he has planned plenty more ;) your fishes are so beautiful, with their green fish scales...what a genius idea!

  15. You are a great got me curious about this ICAD thing too and I am now joining in :) Love your cards, so different and all creative. I also enjoy your idea of listing 3 positives for the day...I may steal that if you don't mind :)

  16. love them!! It is times like these that I miss having my son younger - he's 24 now and lives in RI.