Thursday, June 14, 2012

ICAD catch up

A lot of my index cards start as scraps from other projects.
This one came together after experimenting with distressed magazine pages 
(technique from Katie Kendrick video on Create Mixed Media website)

This one used up some painted cards I made for my new zine
I was also playing around with some shimmery acrylic paints I got at Target from their new "kids made modern" line.  colors were yummy - total impulse buy.

This one is made from experiments with distress ink and water, and an un-used scrap of text that was laying on my desk.

And this used the price tags and receipt from my thrift shopping adventure (plus a page from one of the books I bought there)

 By Tuesday, I was crazy busy getting ready for a spontaneous surprise road trip to my sister's house in Virginia.  Only time for a list.

and after a half day of school followed by an 8 hour drive yesterday, I only had energy for a list. (though I managed so scrape some paint on the card first) (pardon the crappy phone photo)

 Here are Max's cards.  He continues to enjoy it even though he doesn't create every day.
These next ones are all part of his "Minecraft" series.  
(It's the video game he eats/sleeps/breathes these days)

The best part of this next one is that he wasn't kidding.  He was actually excited to clean the bathrooms.  (though I think he appreciates the irony of how weird that is)

This next one is an ode to a fallen ice cream cone.
(note, no actual ice cream cones were harmed in the making of this index card)

I'm not sure where this Android tribute came from.  We are die-hard apple users.  Perhaps it's rebellion.

His next one takes the minimalist approach.

I'll continue to create cards on my mini-vacation since I packed my emergency supply kit!
don't leave home without it!


  1. fantastic cards! I love that Max is joining too. Particularly the minimalist one. Bright boy!

  2. I just pulled out of one of my Katie Kendrick magazine pages, and thought, huh - I'll have to use that. Love yours!

  3. Love the Max cards. Love the art emergency kit. Love road trips. have fun & chew gum!

  4. Max's cards are pretty funny and yours are a nice mix of this and that, love your trash/receipt one. I am behind, better get cracking. Looks like a better first aid kit that what originally came in it, you can always find a bandaid, but washi - forget it. xox

  5. I love Max's minimalist card and his fine use of the word "crap." Have fun on your trip!

  6. Great cards - Max's are so fun; you're lucky to have a guy in the house willing to participate - even only sometimes. Yours are fab, as always. Will go check out Katie's video when I get home (can't really watch a video at work!). Hope your spontaneous trip is really fun!

  7. Your cards looks great. A question, did you unable your follower list by purpos? Not working, or is it me that don't know how to?

    1. Hi Laila,
      It might be a blogger thing. I know that blogger was doing away with the "friends connect" for anyone who wasn't on blogger, but I never really figured out what that meant. I think I need to add other ways for people to follow me.

  8. Love those lists especially. My kid wants to clean the bathroom too. What is up with that?

  9. Great cards! I had to totally laugh at the one about the salvation army. The one that reminds you to pack art supplies makes me think I should do a supply list of what I'm taking with me on holidays...thanks for that mental kick in the butt.

  10. I wish I had a child who wanted to clean the bathroom. I feel I have failed. :) I love your cards and am going to go look for the Kate Kendrick video. It makes me smile imagining someone going for the car emergency kit and finding your art emergency supplies instead!

  11. oh ♥WOW♥ you're ICADs soooooooo totally ROCK! (not that i am surprised having seen your pc's!) i actually totally completely LOVE that on the days you were "too busy" to do it, you made lists in colored marker, or on a prepared background that just seems amazingly cool and "real world artist" to me! i *think* my fave is the salvation army one, but then the persuasion one is soooooooo incredibly ethereal and lovely!

    and now for mr. max! holy MOLY that is a talented and funny guy you've got there!!! for one thing he ALREADY draws better than i do; for another he's really got "an eye" for laying out/composing /using the space well; and then he's totally got your sense of humor, which is awesome! (the bathroom cleaning thing *IS* slightly weird, but i believe it guarantees him his choice of wife in future!!!) ♥

  12. Love all the cards...I definitely think the sense of humor runs in the family! and your 'scraps' in collages truly explains why I have so much trouble throwing away those small scraps of painted much possibility!

  13. Seriously, Karen!

    I'm not kidding.

    holy smokes. I can't believe your deadline was during my trip. in future, i'm sending you my trip schedule so you can plan better.

    I absolutely LOVE the cards you've shared here.

    I wonder if Scout would make cards with me?