Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ocean inspiration

I'm taking an art journaling workshop over at Daisy Yellow called "The Museum of Simple Things." It's been fabulous and I will need a whole separate blog post to talk about it.  But not tonight.

For now, I'll share one thing I made after watching the lesson on getting art journal inspiration from photographs.  I chose a reference picture from a recent trip to the beach and turned it into this:

The beach makes me happy.
Really happy.
How happy?
This happy:

I won't be going on my real vacation for 8 more weeks but I've decided to join up with Carolyn's virtual vacation over at A Colorful Journey.  

I keep this video on my phone so that I can take a virtual vacation any time I feel the need.

Where will you go on YOUR virtual vacation?


  1. We're beach people too! Love the cartwheels - I never could manage one of those....Great fun!

  2. Awesome cartwheel! Thank you so much for sending me my miniature book and the beautiful post card. I just love little things and getting something fun through snail mail is such a treat these days!
    I love it!

  3. Thanks for the smiles this morning :)

  4. Oh I'd love to go to Paris again for my vacation. (I'm so not a beach person, btw - ughhh heat, sand in my clothes, sweat, ugh);) Or a cabin by a mountain lake. Thanks for the thoughts

  5. Are you showing off again, shut uh! Cartwheels and pony tails and sun and sand. Cape bound you go.....nice journal page. xox

  6. Hi Karen,

    I found your site by looking up "leaving art in random places" through good ole Google.

    I've been leaving art in envelopes since I was in high school. I'd put it in books in the library or jackets in coat pockets at stores.

    Recently started a site so that people could post their findings or messages that they've sent. If you'd like to participate, I really love your art work and would love to see it grow in another area of the country.

    The website is

    Thank you,

  7. Cartwheels sum it up perfectly! So much fun to watch you! Love your journal page- can't wait to read more about the class! So glad you joined the virtual vacation.

  8. i'd go to the beach of course! :) i adore tammy's blog daisy yellow. i own zines 1-4, & they are fantastic.

  9. The class is great, I am loving it, and the photo inspiration technique. I also love that you cartwheeled on the beach, I have never been able to do one, watching my son attempt cartwheels the other day I think it may be a hereditary problem! :)

  10. love these pages. Something about the colors you used...just lovely!

  11. What a great idea about your virtual vacation right on your phone! Perfect!