Friday, June 15, 2012

Warning - bad puns ahead

Time to show the results of my recent postcard making spree.
I mailed out 26 postcards last week and I'm almost caught up on my mail.

One bunch was made from all the collage goodies Steph sent me:
look at that jam packed box of goodies!

 I made some big collages and cut them up

added some paint and text:

and now here begins a series of bad pun cards:

The next cards were made on spray painted backgrounds.  
On a particularly glorious Saturday I set up a spray paint station in the back yard:

 Here are some close up shots of a few pieces

and some of the postcards made from those sheets:

"What did the hat say to the hat rack?"  Learned that joke from my grandmother.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I made this one for the farmer at my meat share.
Kristin, you can add this to your chicken joke arsenal.

(that's me sitting on top of my first car in 1989 )

And then there are the distressed magazine page backgrounds I was talking about in my last post.
Thanks to Steph for pointing me to this tutorial.
(see the video by Katie Kendrick here)

Here are a few sheets of collaged magazines - I add layers of ink and paint on top.

Some of the more serious and pretty cards using this technique:

and then my favorites in the bad pun series:

You guys have left so many wonderful jokes on my Zine Giveaway post, I feel another series of postcards coming on. (you've been warned)

You still have a few more days to leave me a joke and enter to win the zines!


  1. I just love these - this started my day with a smile. Just look at all that creativity! Sorry I'm not much for jokes; love laughing at them but can't hold them in my head for more than a second. :( I know you'll share all your new ones and I can't wait to laugh at them! Great cards!

  2. You got my morning off to a good start with the puns! I was laughing at all of them. And I love the spray painted cards. Actually they're all really cool.

  3. I adore "she regretted it almost immediately" it's so perfect for the image, and the chicken coop sedan, too much. Great post cards.....xox

  4. I love the spray painted backgrounds! The card I love most is the invisible couple with their kids! Stunningly corny!

  5. joke: what did the snail say when he got on the trutles back????


    I have a birthday party to go to next week, I'll use your chicken joke.

  6. omg, these are TOO FUNNY!!! they are also amazingly beautiful and cool, but i love that they are all jokes... and the sort of joke my family ♥LOVES♥ at that; especially cool to have one of your grandmother's jokes that she "passed down" to you!!! i'm off to see your ICADs, leave you a joke on the zine post and then i HAVE TO meet this kristin... anyone possessed of a "chicken joke arsenal" is someone i need to know!!! :) :) :)

  7. These are so wonderful! I'm going to try to make a postcard now! I also see my postcard :) Thanks!! -Juliana

  8. Love the cards & the collages. Especially love the chicken coop joke. Just my speed.

    Okay; a joke for you.

    So, you heard about the optometrist who fell into the lens grinder? He made a spectacle of himself.


  9. You had me at bad puns...

    I'm sure you can imagine how much I LOVE this post!

    I will most certainly add that joke to my collection - you already know what an hen-thusiastic chicken joke teller I am (I consider myself a bit of an eggspert)! (Wow. I have a serious problem! Ha!)

    This post is really so, SO good...


    p.s. Please tell Max that I am seriously loving his cards! (The drawing that accompanies the bathroom cleaning one is priceless!)

  10. I never cease to be amazed at your inventiveness and the sheer volume of your output - all of it so wonderful. All of these had me smiling (would have laughed but it would have hurt too much). I like the ideas you have for producing the backgrounds - large collages cut up. Thanks for the best blogpost I've seen in a long while - probably since I read your last ones! Will have a look at distressed magazine pages now. XXX

  11. hahahahahaha!! LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! The backgrounds, the colours, and dreadful jokes, LOVE them all ;D

  12. Love the big sheets of collage. They really look like fun. And the spray painting too. Gorgeous "serious" cards. Thanks for sharing them all with us. See you in the mail!

  13. These are great, and you've been busy!

  14. Thanks for the nanner PC, Karen! Got it today - we put a hold on the mail while we were in Hawaii, and today was the first mail delivery since we got back home. Love your batch collages - glad you got your art on with the stuff I sent!

  15. Love my whiskey...still! Puns can be delivered to my mail box ANYTIME! Never enuf laughing' in life :D (But don't love whiskey - happy to joke about it!). Hope you get somethin' soon!

  16. i super adore the hat and coat rack joke. i'd never heard it but i'll never forget it now ;)

  17. oops, that last comment was from me. i have too many online identities.

  18. Thanks for the pc. I see it up there! I know what you mean about mod podge and acrylic medium covering your hands so that you are peeling off for days.

  19. i haven't read this yet. i'm just telling you that i'm catching up now. i have seen how many posts i'm behind and i'm really irritated. and i haven't even used the word i all the times i had planned to use it. so, basically, i'm way behind on everything.

    i'm making i mad.

  20. i have to laff. i did laff already, but i have to laff again. i love that banana one.

    i didn't get a zine so i have a feeling i'm late.