Thursday, June 28, 2012

Look at this ridiculous beast

This is Jake, shamelessly lolling about on my work table.

 He has gesso on his fur:

 Moments after I took these pictures, he accidentally knocked the heat gun to the floor, turning it on in the process and scaring the bejeezus out of him.

He bolted from the room while I doubled over laughing.
Serves him right.


  1. :) Lucky the great gun didn't break. I dropped mine and it never turned on again. Wish I could blame that on my cat and not my clumsiness.

    My puppy has had blue fur before...not that I could ever find where it came from.

  2. Ha! I think it is hysterical how precariously positioned Jake was right from the start :)

    When my lifetime best girlfriend found out she was pregnant with her first baby (quite a few years ago)I flew to Las Vegas to paint a mural in the nursery of their new home. While I was painting, Bob opened the door and let one of her cats in... He immediately tried to scoop the cat back up, but that only made the situation worse... The cat jumped right into my freshly mixed paint then dashed out of the room leaving a trail of green and blue paw prints all throughout the house! We can laugh about it now... My mom always jokes that my life is a sitcom (Did I ever tell you about the time I got locked in a bank?!? Ha!) I guess that is just further proof!

    I am so excited for you to be going to your mixed media class at RISD! I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time (and I have seen from previous posts how amazing you are under pressure!) The whispering and giggling sounds like a blast too :) Relax and ENJOY!!!


  3. I too have cats on my work space but what drives me crazy is two big dogs who sleep under any place I sit down. forever stepping over or tripping over dogs!

  4. Love the photos, Jake looks so relaxed. I guess life is never quiet or ordinary when you are around! I'd love to hear how you got locked in a bank.

  5. Looks like he has control in your studio! Or does anyone have control in there, which of course is a good thing!!! xox

  6. If there was some sort of "Funniest Home Videos: Crafters' Edition," you would win the grand prize if you got video of that!

  7. Our elderly demented cat has a painted tail too - thanks to both her seizures and devotion to my arty daughter. They are inseparable.

    Very funny photos, I love how Jake is looking down on his cute little bed with total derision :D

    I received your Giveaway Zines today, they are GORGEOUS!!!!! Thank you so much, Karen.


  8. totes serves him right! i have a brave little studio cat, too, but she mostly pisses me off.

  9. oh wow.
    I've never checked Scout.

    ...Maybe that's why my gesso is running out so quickly.

  10. Wait.
    How the hell is he staying on that table?!? is he clinching his toes?